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How Should You Prioritise the Amenities in the Post-Covid New Normal

In the post-Covid world, our priorities are set to change in many ways. Subir and Anamika Chatterjee, a middle-aged couple realized it when they started searching for a new flat in Kolkata.

Their only daughter is pursuing higher studies in Chennai. Now in her last semester, she has already bagged a couple of job offers in Bangalore and Mumbai and is unlikely to return to Kolkata. Subir and Anamika are resigned to a life without their daughter and searching for a smaller flat which is easier to maintain.

Their current rental home in an old house for a decade is large and keeping it clean is quite troublesome to the aging bones of them, what with housemaids coming few and far between. A cosy home in a gated community will offer safety, like-minded neighbours, and proper amenities to live a good quality life.

Focus on Your Requirement before the Home-search

It is extremely important to know your requirements before you embark on the process of searching for a flat. For Subir and Anamika, now approaching retirement, certain amenities are of primary importance while others are not. For example, they would prefer a residential complex with an extra level of security while a swimming pool is not essential to them.

However, there is no standard definition of what constitutes ‘basic amenities’. Rather than looking for basic amenities, it is better to focus on suitable amenities.

Focus on your family members and their age, health, and needs. Choose the amenities which will be useful and make life easier for your family.

Security, Parking Facility, and 24×7 Power Back-up

It is extremely important to select a housing complex with multiple levels of security systems in place. There cannot be any compromise on safe living, especially for aged people like Subir and Anamika.

Online security systems and applications used by housing complexes these days help residents to get instant notifications on their mobile phones, whenever a visitor checks in against their flat. They can even pre-approve their guest list, allowing them easy access. Using the app, residents can alert family members, neighbours and security guards, in case of an emergency.

Even after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, travelling in a personal vehicle will always remain important. If you are buying a house in a small housing society, clarify about the parking spot.

Although cities like Kolkata has vastly improved on the electric supply, yet an emergency can happen anytime. If you are living on the 10th floor, you wouldn’t like to take the stairs in case of a power outage. The power back-up system can prove to be essential in such circumstances.

Social and Fitness Amenities

Although social amenities like lounges and clubs are somewhat out of favour now, they will surely be in favour at a later time. Gyms, swimming pools, and other fitness amenities are generally available in most gated communities and they help increase fitness and immunity to ward off diseases.

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Focus on amenities you will use as the cost of high-end amenities is quite high and they will be borne by all the residents.

However, you must check for the arrangement of (1) cleaning protocols, (2) water purification, and (3) hygiene maintenance in a housing complex.

Ensure that the community you wish to make your home must have long stretches of green, open space where you can spend time for mental peace. Limited space in our modern-day city homes can otherwise become quite restricting.

Amenities which are Good to Have Now

We are going to focus on health and hygiene for a long time to come as we go on adjusting with Covid-19. A medical store, doctor’s chamber, and diagnostic centre can be great amenities to have in close proximity to the complex. Another great amenity can be an emergency room in the complex.

If residents like Subir and Anamika mange to minimize venturing out, it is very helpful. Consider very carefully about the amenities on offer vis-à-vis what will be useful. Take the help of a professional property advisor for buying a flat with amenities you really need.

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