Community Living in a Complex

How to Get the Best of Community Living in a Complex

Retired and elderly NRIs Ashok and Mira Bose had a compelling desire to return to where they belong, Kolkata. Somewhat isolated and lonely, with children settled in other parts of the world, the couple wanted a retirement retreat back home with personalised amenities, basic security, and a lively community life.

Being accustomed to a completely different environment, the couple was rather sceptical about their decision to shift, especially after staying outside Kolkata for decades. To be honest, the pair weren’t sure about the comfort and lifestyle they are used to for years until they landed in their new home in Kolkata.

The complex featured premium facilities like clubhouses, libraries, activity and reading rooms, swimming pools, and health clubs. Ashok and Mira Bose were struck by the surrounding serenity and the familiar warmth of Kolkata culture.

Living here for more than a year, the Bose couple is now the lifeblood of the community. They are happy and making the best out of their retired life, here in Kolkata. Retired or not, you should be able to get the most out of your community living too. And, here are some tips on how you can do that.

Check out the sort of community the apartment already nurtures

A great thing about residing in a modern apartment floor as opposed to an independent home is that it helps in a lot of ways when you’re surrounded by like-minded neighbours, more so because they’re going to live literally next-door. This is why it’s important do a research on the kind of community the apartment offers. Will you get along with them? Are there other kids of your own children’s age? If so, then schools and tuitions thereafter will be a breeze. Do people around love to mingle or they are tight-roped about their privacy? Is there a club within the complex where you can perhaps hang-out alone or with friends? — These are some questions you need to consider when looking for the right community to settle in.

Feel free to ask how the community comes together

If you’re a social and outgoing person, you wouldn’t be too happy about staying in a community that’s made up of people who hardly get to see each other’s face. Plus, communities can often feel like a family for people who may or may not have any close relatives around OR whose own children live several time-zones away. This also holds true for old, retired, and/or erstwhile NRIs.

Community gatherings in modern complexes command more participation than those in traditional “para” and standalone complexes, which positively affects the social dynamics through strengthened relationship. Celebrations like Durga Puja, poila baisakh, basanta utsav, Christmas and New Year’s eve etc. within the community offers ample scope for people to bond and enjoy community living, while this also offers a sort of compensation for those people who have missed these festivities living in a single building in Kolkata or away from Kolkata in India or abroad . So participate in these events and find your new extended family.

Check out issues related to security

Apart from 24X7 human security, enhanced facilities like alarms, CCTV, and sensor-enabled surveillance systems should ideally be in place covering every square inch of the community space. Security is an issue which can’t be compromised at any cost. New-age apartments are integrating state-of-the-art systems to provide world-class security to all members. For elderly couples living alone, nuclear families consisting of working parents and singles living alone, make sure you have the security agent’s phone number handy.

Having a smart environment is an added plus

Never miss out on news and updates, or lose contact with the outer world. Thanks to ‘everything digital’ becoming an integral part of modern lifestyle, smart technologies, and Wi-Fi connectivity are increasingly becoming ‘must-have’ essentials in modern complex apartments. Voice controlled gadgets, video conferencing facilities, and other technology powered amenities are also being considered as common integration in apartments, especially those under the luxury tag.

Make use of the amenities

Your complex offers great recreational facilities like swimming pool, gyms, libraries, meditation corners and outdoor sport courts, which are largely absent in standalones and traditional localities. They why not make use of that and involve yourself in productive extracurricular activities to retain your health, hobby and personal development? Also, you need not take your children to sports coaching centres, travelling long distances from your home. With these amenities around, you can not only save a lot of time but also keep your children under vigilance right from the balcony.

Be in rapport with the facility management and maintenance team

 Today almost all residential complexes are professionally managed by capable facility management team who take care of a lot of hassles. They take care of regular maintenance of the buildings, and support with qualified persons to solve all the small problems. Whether getting a technician to repair your gadget, a housemaid, electricians, plumbers, cook or a purohit for your Laxmi Puja, the facility management team helps make life smoothly running for you. And you hardly worry about a leaking pipe or malfunctioning water pump as they address these requirements. Imagine the contrasting life you led where you perhaps missed a few working days in order to get hold of a soft service provider and supervise him.

Because the kind of community the apartment offers has a lot to do with your overall experience of living within it, it’s important to assess these factors by consulting your family and a reliable marketing agent before zeroing in on a property. We hope the above-mentioned tips will provide you with some positive guidelines for making an informed decision in order to get the most out of community living in a complex.

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