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How Fitness Amenities in Apartment Complexes Make a Healthy Living

As the mother of a playschool-going, hyperactive toddler, Rachna is constantly short of time. She wanted to include some fitness activity in her day-to-day routine and so, she joined a gym to pack in at least an hour’s exercise. Barely five days into her fitness journey, she realised that travelling to and from the gym took up all the time.

Software professional, Ravi has been a fitness enthusiast all his life but his demanding job schedule has forced fitness out of his routine. He would barely have the time to reach home, unwind, and have dinner, while his mornings would begin with calls and conferences with overseas clients.

Thousands of people like Rachna and Ravi struggle to make fitness a part of their lifestyle, and often, one of the reasons why they fail to do so is the accessibility or the distance of a fitness centre from their home. Living in a residential complex with adequate fitness amenities is making it easier for people to pursue fitness in their daily lives.

The Rise of In-house Fitness Centres

The Indian fitness industry is estimated to turn into a $90 billion market by 2022. It’s a reflection of our changing perception of health and fitness. But one of the biggest barriers of hitting the gym or taking up a fitness activity is the convenience factor. Also, bad weather and traffic can deter people from going to the gym. Waking up in the morning to find a gym only 30 seconds away from their doorstep can make the world of difference to the residents.

Developers have realized this need and have tapped into this aspect of consumer demand to create residential projects a healthy living experience with a wide range of fitness amenities such as gym, jogging track, swimming pool, and sports arena. Thanks to this, many residential complexes now have a dedicated fitness centre designed to include a wide range of exercise programs. These fitness centres are a wonderful means of convenience for the residents and also add real value to any residential complex.

Why Healthy Living Experience is in Demand

According to a survey, 48% of Indians looked forward to a healthier lifestyle. The popularity of organic food habits, fitness technology awareness, and the rising gym memberships are all pointing to a demographic who are quite health conscious.

This shift in attitude towards fitness comes from living incredibly fast-paced lives. This has introduced several lifestyle problems, which affect our bodies and minds. The trend today is of awareness in all our activities. People — especially the millennials — are at the forefront of the trend. They are now going back to roots and yearning for sustainability in food, spending, dress habits, and lifestyles. They consider physical well-being as an essential part of good emotional health. Hence, there is an increased demand for amenities that are related to fostering health and wellness.

Yoga as Fitness Amenities

Residential complexes that cover all these priorities in their facilities find themselves in demand. However, the wellness approach is quite multi-faceted. Gone are the days when fitness amenities in a residential complex meant only a well-stocked gym with enough treadmills, and a swimming pool.

Today’s residential complexes are now both aware and invested in their fitness amenities approach. Facilities obviously include a gym with all the proper equipment but it is not limited to it. The features included in the fitness and wellness facilities are:

  • Yoga rooms or studios with proper ambience
  • Jogging tracks with scenic landscapes
  • Swimming pools with different learner levels
  • Community rooms with meditation centres
  • Indoor game options like table tennis, pool or snooker, etc.
  • Outdoor game areas like badminton and tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, etc.
  • Gym with proper equipment and trainers

A healthy living experience goes a long way in convincing potential homeowners of investing in any residential complex. The promise of a wellness-inspired lifestyle is also a big draw for renters as well.

The Benefits

The presence of health-focused facilities, be it fitness clubs, sports facilities, mediation rooms, gyms or yoga halls, imparts a meaningful and sound lifestyle basis. The conscious use of outdoor space for rejuvenation in the form of kids play areas and senior citizen gathering areas add value to residential complexes. This is one of the most checked facilities before apartments are booked. And why not?

  • Fitness centres inspire people to include healthy living as a part of life,
  • Fitness clubs and other wellness options encourage gatherings and interactions among residents,
  • Common wellness facilities help in strengthening the community feeling,
  • Landscaped running tracks and outdoor play areas are bringing back the green space that is sorely missed in cities,

Final Words

The fitness centre and space for physical well-being is a natural part of good residential projects these days. People rate the presence of these amenities as necessary inclusions in housing complexes and they command a place of priority in their list of demands. Homeowners and even renters view wellness as a part of living and this includes physical, social and emotional well-being. As such, residential complexes are miles ahead of other housing options in successfully offering this well-rounded experience.

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