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What Are Some Festive Décor Ideas to Brighten up Your Home?

Diwali comes with a lot of hope, joy, and happiness for everyone in India. For thousands of years, the festival of lights is celebrated in India in spite of sporadic difficulties. This year, in spite of some difficulties, we are readying ourselves to prepare our homes to celebrate Diwali in the hope of ushering in good fortune. It is obvious that the worst is over for the Indian economy and hope of fast economic growth is high in our minds.

This is generally the time when we redecorate our homes and rejuvenate our minds. How about some festive décor ideas to light up your home to welcome Goddess Laxmi?

Rearrange the Furniture of Your Home

The most cost-effective way to give your home a fresh new look is to rearrange the furniture. A thorough cleaning, a dash of paint, and changing how they always sat on your home will make you feel as if you started living in a new home.

Of course, you can change the curtains and upholstery to further accentuate the feeling of newness. If you wish to implement a detailed makeover of your home, you just need to remember some basics.

Opt for Handcrafted and Green Décor Items

While there are myriad choices for festive décor items in the market; it is better to choose handcrafted and eco-friendly items.

Not only the handcrafted items have high style quotient than mass-produced machine made art-works, but it will also support the artisans economically impacted by Covid-19.

You should divide your home into zones and consider redecorating those zones. However, you must decide on a coherent theme as your guide.

Focus on Highly Visible Areas

While it is tempting to decorate the entire home but it is easier to focus on certain areas of your home. This approach is rather economical too.

It is comparatively easy, for example, to give a new look to the coffee table or the dining table. You can add some clay or wooden décor items to your coffee table. Placing some diyas on your dining table will completely change the look of the table. Adding a new set of coloured napkins, and table cloth will completely change the look of your dining area.

Lights are Extremely Important                                           

When you consider any home décor idea, please remember that a well thought out lighting plan goes a long way to make your home beautiful. In fact, changing some lights will hugely help to give it a sense of makeover.

There are a few considerations before you choose decorative home lights. The walls of the home need careful consideration to create an atmosphere of cosy comfort and drama.

festive decor lights

While the living room needs some esthetic and dramatic lighting, the bedroom needs suitable soft lights to create a soothing ambience. In fact, seeing your old home in a new light can be invigorating.

If possible, add some ceiling lights and a chandelier which can totally change the style quotient of your home. Chandeliers are available in a variety of designs, from sober, minimalistic ones to elaborate and elegant crystal chandeliers, as well as classic designs.

Diwali is for diyas and string lights. Therefore, make liberal use of them. Decorative diyas are widely popular and available while string lights are in vogue. Your balcony must light up with them.

Add Colours Liberally to Lift up the Spirit

Do you want to add a splash of colour to your home this Diwali? Are you fond of streamers and lanterns? Diwali is the best time of the year to display them in your living room. You can use handmade lanterns in green, purple-red, and blue colours, neatly hung from a string, right across a wall, as a simple hack for the living room. From the centre of the ceiling, you can also install a beautiful handmade chandelier, made with different coloured crepe paper and shiny streamers that will add to the beautiful and colourful Diwali theme.

festive decor rangoli

Talking about colours, how can we miss out on the rangoli? Rangoli is an ancient Hindu floor art, where patterns are created using coloured rice, coloured sand, and flower petals. This Diwali, create art of your own with a hand-drawn rangoli to depict a traditional floor mat. You can extend the theme of colours and patterns to your balcony by putting up plate art and origami, to bring out a festive vibe.

In short, there is a lot you can do even on a conservative budget. Whatever you choose to do to beautify your home, remember that a well-decorated home can uplift your festive spirits to a new high.

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