Smart Makeover of Your Flat

How to Do an Economical Smart Makeover of Your Flat

Transforming a house into your dream home is challenging. Picking up the right lighting and seating arrangement, choosing the ideal colour and fittings, the comfort factor… and the list continues to go on and on. Plus, it often requires a smart strategy otherwise your expenses can quickly snowball.

You may feel that an economical smart makeover of your flat is in fact, a daunting task. Kiran Mehta, a software professional from Kolkata, invited as few people as possible after doing up her new home in a posh locality in Kolkata. The reason? Kiran says the colour scheme she and her husband picked up from a hotel while vacationing in Singapore turned out to be a disaster. Unfortunately, after shelling out a substantial amount of money, the couple had to put up with the embarrassment for almost three years.

In reality, an idyllic home interior coming out from the pages of a glossy magazine might seem to be wondrous, but mirroring the same style in a 2 or 3BHK flat won’t produce a similar effect. Space is a big concern in apartments, especially in large cities. So, the rule that dominates the interior makeover of a flat is keeping things minimal and clutter-free. Having lesser elements present a spacious look, and also help save a fortune.

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will help you transform your home décor from boring to brilliant without putting a dent in your wallet.

Rearrange Your Living Room

Create a Focal Point

One of the most fundamental and economical ways to provide a new look to the living room can be by simply highlighting a focal point. For example, the television can be a great focal point in your living room. Try and draw the entire attention towards it in a way that the artwork, furniture, and accent pieces, all revolve around it. This simple technique can create the right balance in your home décor — so nothing looks either overdone or too bland — without costing a lot.

Refresh the Existing Accessories

Replacing an existing set of furniture to suit a newly done colour or design can actually pinch the pocket. Preferably, it will be wise to take the refurbishing route. Instead of buying a new sofa, get the upholstery done, add covers, or paint a coat to brighten things up. Using the right fabrics, textures, and colours can create a world of difference without having to invest in something brand new.

Change the Perspective

Ever thought how shifting a piece of furniture, attaching a side table, or getting rid of the surplus can give a refreshing touch to the living room? Rearranging furniture items is probably the simplest and cheapest way to redefine the ambiance of a room.

Go Green

Green living is not only a great decor idea but is good for your health as well. Having plants in the living space adds both freshness and colour at a very reasonable price. You can think of placing planters in a corner area or design a cluster near the hallway. A miniature water fountain, combined with planters, can really spell magic.

Create a Theme for Your Bedroom 

Match the Theme

Making little additions and alterations like changing the curtains and bedcovers, adding pillows in a reciprocal pattern, doing slipcovers on the furniture or getting them painted can help eliminate mismatched accessories in your bedroom, enabling a seamless coordination between the items and colour scheme.

Modify the Lights

Viewing your same old room in a new light can be truly invigorating! Remodeling the lighting arrangement and fixtures is one of the easiest and low-cost option to add a whole new dimension to the bedroom.

Organise Your Kitchen 

Begin Shelving

Excessive cabinets can reduce the storage space, making the kitchen look clumsy. Mounting shelves provide an economical alternative and a neat aspect to the kitchen. You can also fix a pinboard to stick diet charts, recipes, and photos to create an appealing photo wall. The concept is to have an eye-catching decorative at no extra cost.

Have a Vibrant Bathroom

Add Colours

Most of us ignore the fact that the effect of a bathroom can be enhanced as well. A niche showcasing of small artifacts can offer a vibrant highlighter for the bathroom space. Also, modest changes like rearranging the shower curtains, mirror, soap cases, mats, or towel bars might seem basic but together they significantly heighten the overall appearance.

Finally, be creative. You don’t necessarily have to possess the skills of a professional artist to be a little imaginative in creating your personal style.

Add mirrors in a narrow hallway to make the area look double its size, or simply play with colours to give an exciting aura to a dull room. Putting on interesting wall hangings and paintings create a stunning visual impact, which helps reinvent your home in a whole new way.

So try out these tips and share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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