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How to Choose the Right Window Furnishing for Your Apartment

Ambuj and Snigdha are a young couple who moved into an unfurnished apartment recently. While one of the best features of their apartment were the large, airy windows, it stumped them to think of ways to highlight them in the best possible manner. Of course, window furnishings were the first thing that crossed their mind, but what type to choose, whether blinds or drapes would be good, what materials would be suitable — there were tons of questions, leaving them confused.

Ambuj and Snigdha are not alone in their struggle to figure out the right window furnishing for their apartment. This is a part of home décor that comes with its own challenges. The world peeks into your home through your apartment’s windows. The furnishings ensure utility, privacy and also helps to establish your taste to the outside world. If you want to utilize your windows in full functionality while adding value to the décor, window furnishing requires some careful planning.

It can also be a daunting task, given the overwhelming varieties of choices with economic and aesthetic considerations. If you’re as unsure as Ambuj and Snigdha about decorating your apartment windows, read on as we help you select the right furnishings for your apartment windows.

Window Furnishing Options for the Minimalist

The most basic choice of window furnishings can be categorised into two types – curtains and blinds. They need different sets of installation materials and techniques. But you can easily find the best match for both your taste and budget from the wide ranges of choices available for both types.

Curtains: Drapes are probably the most conventional component of window furnishings. The deciding factors for choosing the right curtains are:

  • Colour: Choose your curtains’ colours complementing the room’s walls and ceiling. Window furnishings in the right colour tone can highlight a room instantly.
  • Fabric: If you’re willing to change the curtains multiple times a year, then have at least a set of cotton or linen drapes ready for the summer and a heavier set of materials like velvet, satin or corduroy for the winter. Choosing the fabric depending on the local climate is a wise step for the drapes’ longevity.
  • Length: Make the curtains to be just adequately long to cover the windows or opt for longer trailing drapes, according to your taste. Attaching longer curtains to a window makes it appear bigger than actual.
  • Lining: Irrespective of the material, if you want to add volume to your curtains, add lining to them. So, if you want to make a big room look warm and cosy, hang lined drapes from the windows.

Blinds: This is a modern window furnishing option that’s very much in style these days. According to your requirements, choose from materials like PVC, aluminium, vinyl, wood, bamboo etc. Blinds can be rolled sideways or upwards and can be placed inside or outside of a window.

The primary installation materials for curtains are holders and rods – they come in different materials (wood, plastic, metal etc.), shapes and sizes. Blinds are generally tied to a frame on the wall to roll them in.

Window Furnishing Options for Extra Flair

If you prefer going the extra mile, there’s a plethora of choices on window furnishings for you to pick through.

Fancy drapes: Select drapes in sheers, silk or other custom-made materials to give your window the added bling. Opt for statement prints, embroidery, bead-works and other accessories to match the décor theme.

Swags, valances, and cornices: Adorn the window frames with swags, valances or cornices compatible in colour and fabric to the drapes for the professionally designed interior image.

Stationary panels: Need to accommodate a furniture right by the window? Add a stationary panel stylishly coordinated to the drapes. It’s also very effective in making a design statement with the interior.

Layers: Want to enjoy privacy while basking in daylight? Layer up your curtains – sheer ones for allowing natural light and breeze and thick heavier layers for privacy.

Think of the Room’s Functionality

Now it’s time to focus on the window furnishings selection from a different aspect. Each room in your apartment serves a distinct purpose and the furnishings should follow accordingly.

  • For your living room, go for vibrant colours and decorative design ideas to flaunt your personal style before your guests.
  • The furnishings in your bedroom windows should be chosen to ensure privacy. Choosing thick, dark coloured, black-out curtains for comfortable nap time is often a wise investment.
  • For your bathroom windows, place functionality over visual appeal to warrant privacy and ventilation. Blinds are often a preferred choice for bathroom window furnishing.
  • Your kitchen windows are more exposed to damage by oil and soot than the others in your apartment. If possible, avoid curtains altogether in the kitchen. Else, select basic functional furnishings carefully avoiding fire hazards possibilities.

Whether you lead the minimalistic, utilitarian lifestyle or a flamboyant, statement lifestyle, let your window furnishing speak for you to the world. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with the choices to suit your taste and budget, time and again. These tips will help you get started in the right direction.

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