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Why Buying a Green Home is a Great Choice Now

Green homes and buildings are now a global phenomenon, as developers, governments, and home buyers increasingly shift their focus towards green, environment-friendly homes. The new phenomenon of green living, which is currently redefining constructions across the globe, is also influencing the way homes are built in India. With that, there has been a noticeable increase in queries for green homes, as more and more home buyers in India get ready to join the ‘live-green’ bandwagon.

Primary Reasons Driving the Shift in Attitude

The environment is getting pulverized by pollution, and natural resources are disappearing at a breakneck speed. In this scenario, green homes open up a new window, enabling its users to do their bit in saving the environment by optimizing the usage of natural resources in an efficient manner.

Today, people are realizing that issues like pollution and global warming are not something that only politicians and global leaders should think of, rather, it is the responsibility of every citizen to reduce carbon footprint in every way possible, starting at an individual level.

A green home, built with eco-friendly building materials, and green, energy-saving fixtures, provides an opportunity to its residents to protect the environment by reducing their environmental impact without actually having to do anything.

Benefits of Living in a Green Home

Green homes, incorporated with eco-technologies, replace traditional materials with environment-friendly green counterparts, thus creating a healthy and safer atmosphere for all its residents. In addition, since green homes are energy-efficient units, they also help save a significant amount of money by considerably cutting down the energy bills.

The most impressive thing about the colour and word “green” is that it induces a sense of well-being in most people in terms of their health and their money. So let’s take a look at some of the key points about green homes that save our health, money, and the environment.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

These days, high utility bills is an issue of concern. Choosing to shift into a green home can solve this problem to a great extent, as green homes are designed with a variety of energy-efficient features that are meant to save energy.

A sustainably built green home, equipped with well-insulated floors, roofs, and walls, double glazing windows, and energy-efficient heating systems can prove to be a recurring money-saving tool in the long run, as compared to a traditional home, which has poorly insulated spaces, single glazed windows, and out-of-date heating systems.

Moreover, most of the green homes also feature energy-saving LED lighting, which consumes less electricity and saves more energy. Various studies reveal that energy-saving LED lighting uses only one-third the electricity of conventional light bulbs, saving almost 70 percent energy while lasting eight times longer.

Natural Resources Are Saved

Green homes are usually fitted with water saving devices and systems, which include accessories like water-efficient taps, toilets, and showers that prevent the unnecessary waste of natural resources. Modern fixtures like energy-efficient boilers and heaters, present in green homes, produce great benefits both in terms of energy conservation and money-saving. It has been observed, while standard boilers are able to convert 78% of the fuel into heat, energy-efficient boilers can convert over 90%, which means high-efficiency boilers can not only decrease energy bills but they require lesser resources as well.

Collecting Readings and Monitoring the Use of Energy with Smart Meters

Smart meters are another quintessential feature of green homes that are slowly but gradually entering the market. Smart meters are devices that collect and send out automatic readings about energy usage to respective energy suppliers. Not only do these meters provide real-time information about energy use, they also help identify energy loss, which gives the occupants an opportunity to rectify wastage. Moreover, if used in union with photovoltaic cells, it might be possible to send back energy to the grid, enabling the scope for net metering.

Green Homes Add More Value to Your Home

Sustainable materials, water-conserving fixtures, and solar panels that have a low footprint on the environment are ultra-modern features that increase the overall value of your home. The ‘live-green’ benefits of a green home are important factors that today’s environmentally conscious citizens look for. A green home, on an average, fetches 20-25% more value than an ordinary accommodation, which makes green home a great choice for home buyers.

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