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A land investment can be
the best available real estate investments.

A land investment can be the best available real estate investments . But, also it can be one of the hardest. Most investors are not able to invest in land. But, those who invest, will often earn significantly higher returns than are available with other investments.

Land development passes through several stages. Each stage results in a higher value than the previous. Land begins as a raw farm ground. As cities expand, they develop a comprehensive master plan which shows the desired future use for each area of the city.

As development in an area grows, a developer / investor purchases the land & develops residential projects or retail projects at major intersection in the area. Land can also be used for development of industries, etc.

Property ID : Land 006

List of Land for Developers  (40 – 2000 Cottah), ideal for Development, Industries, Corporate Houses, Educational Institutes &  Hospitals.
Below are the available locations:
  • On Rajarhat 211 Bus Route in Gopalpur, Patharghata, Khariberia
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