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Orchard 126 is a Dream-Come-True High-Rise Luxury Living project equipped with all standard amenities of a big complex packaged in a relatively compact project within a comparatively affordable budget. Location right on B. T. Road, River Ganges view from Roof Garden, latest technology Mivan Construction and Vaastu compliance are the added advantages. Timely completion of the project will attract both interests - Luxury Living and Investment. - Shyamal Majumder -

Satisfied. - Krishna Saha -

Architecture and vastu compliance of the project impressed me a lot - Bhaskar Kirtania -

I had booked the flat for the location, connectivity and also for all flats are 3 sides open. - Vinita Saha -

I had booked a flat for the location, connectivity and also all flats are 3 sides open. - Pallab Dutta Roy -

I had booked a flat at Orchard 126 ( Myriad-11F ) with a open car parking.I had booked the flat here for the location,connectivity,earthquake resistant and also for developer's credential.The rate is good for this location mainly on BT Road. - Titas Roy -

I had booked the flat for location,connectivity,flat sizes and also the payment structure was good for me. - Sujan Saha -

Location and developer are well known. Rate per sqft is though a little bit high for me. - Swapan Kumar Mandal -

I had booked the flat for the location. - Jayita De -

It was found a fantastic project when I came for my first visit. Arindam was the advisor who elaborated me all the positives of the side. I decided to purchased a 3 bhk seeing the location of the project. And the name of the project is also very charming which gives you a western feel. Let see how the completion helps us in getting my first asset for staying. Hope to have future cooperation from NK ahead.... - Palhabi Nath -

Purchased the apartment on sudden visit. It impressed me a lot, being so good and covering all types of amenities, with such a surprising cost. But all the representative s forgotten to tell about communication facility available with the project, that is one national highway within 10 mins , three railway stations within 10 mins, on a main road and one metro railway station (near completion) within 10 min. Overall good project. Thanks - Madhumita Saha -

Excellent personalised service with prudent guidance to the intending buyer by your marketing personnel Mr. Dipen ghosh - Santu Bandyopadhyay -

I had booked the flat for the location and connectivity. - Kalyan Roy -

I had booked the flat for the location,connectivity and price was reasonable for me. - Gourab Nag -

I had booked the flat for the layout of flat, specification, location and connectivity. - Mr.Priyabrata Banerjee -

I had booked a flat at Orchard 126 for the layout of flat, all three side open flats, connectivity, location and also price is cheaper than other projects at that location. - Mr.Gourav Goswami -

I had booked a 2BHK flat with open terrace at Orchard 126 because all flats are 3 sides open, latest technology Mivan construction, location is on BT road and also the service and behaviour of Arindam was excellent. - Anupam Roy -

I had booked the flat at Orchard 126 for the location as it was on BT Road, Connectivity and also as all flats are 3sides open flats. - Subhra Sarkar -

I find this project is having multi facilities in respect of communication and features.The main part is all flats are 3 sides open but not charging any plc for that, also the behaviour of the sales person was excellent. - Pradipta Basu -

I have booked the flat because of location and costing.But also I should mention about Mr. Arindam Basu of NK Realtors who helped me with all our queries and convinced us to decide in positives.He also upsale from 2BHK to biggest 3BHK flat.Thanks for all his efforts.We look forward to be a part of the project. - Mrs.Soma Banerjee -

I had booked the flat for the location,connectivity and also price is less according to project specification. - Mrs. Sangita Jha -

I have booked this flat not just because of location & cost. I was unknown about any kind of property and loan procedure. Mr. Arindam Basu from NK Realtors helped me totally like my brother. I am really satisfied and clear about the concepts. - Mr.Ritwik Dawn -

I have booked the flat as this is a highrise apartment and that is my first choice.The location and communication also very preferable to me,Vaastu complaint and 3 side open, facility is also attracted me.It is that what I wanted in this area. - Mrs.Sujata Banerjee -

I have choosen the property because of its prime location on BT Road, which is very near from my house. All the flats are 3 side open which attract me most. Also we are getting lots of ammenities like Gym,Yoga room, Swimming Pool, Children's play area etc. Which is lucrative.The communication to other place will be very much easy from this location.Last but not the least the behaviour of the spokes person Mr. Arindam Basu is very praise worthy and I must say that he is very helpful and co-operative.I am satisfied. - Mr. Srimit Ghosh -

I had choosen the flat considering its location,environment and behaviour of executive Mr. Arindam Basu are friendly and also pleased me.It suits my budget as well.The interiors and the entire building plan perfectly matches my requirements.Wish all the success to the developer's. - Mrs.Debjani Chatterjee -

I have booked the flat for good communication, connectivity, highrise building and also all flats are 3 sides open. - Mr.Avik Mondal -

I have booked the flat for excellent location, connectivity, highrise building and with excellent landscaped garden. - Mr.Sanjay Mukherjee -

I have booked a flat of 2 BHK in Orchard 126 for good connectivity, layout and better material than other projects. - Mr.Saibal Saha -

Orchard 126 is one of the best project due to its locational advantage, reasonable price and definiately Mr.Arindam is the key factor for booking this property. Hope Oswal Group will not disappoint me as per their commitment. - Mr.Subhra Prakash Bhattacharyya -

I have booked the flat because of its location & connectivity. - Mrs Arpita Sen -

I have booked this flat for connectivity is good, adjacent to B.T. Road and good ammenities. - Raju Mukherjee -

I have booked a flat in Orchard 126 due to its connectivity, its nature of having 3 sides open flat and it is on BT Road.Thanks to Arindam for guiding us from Day 1.Thanks to everyone. - Mr. Aritra Basak -

I have booked the flat for residential purpose considering its good road communication, three sides open flat and locality. - Mr.Debabrata Majumder -

I have booked the flat due to its nice ambience. Apartments are spacious and 3 side open. All modern amenities are available and project location is well connected through various mode of communication. - Mr.Sourav Chatterjee -

I have booked the flat for its well connectivity and locality. - Mr.Swapan Kumar Das -

I have booked the flat at Orchard 126 as I found it very lucrative due to high rise building and three side open. All ammenities are available inside the premises.It will be fine to stay here with fresh air at height. - Mrs.Shrabanti Mukherjee -

I have booked the flat as I have got it in a good location at reasonable price. - Mr. Debasis Sarkar -

I have booked a flat at Orchard 126, BT Road for location of complex is good, connectivity is also very good. Being three sides open and due to above reasons, I think staying there will be great experience. - Mr.Jayanta Kumar Chakraborty -

I booked the flat for excellent residential purpose and due to good construction,communication and three side open,etc. - Mrs.Susmita Pal -

I have booked the flat as it is located on BT Road, 3 sides open flat and mivan construction. - Mr. Ashis Sadhukhan -

I have booked the ownership flat from Oswal Towers LLP and very much happy due to Vaastu complaint and good behaviour of Arindam Basu. - Mrs.Suhita Biswas -

I have booked flat at Orchard 126 for its close connectivity to Barrackpore, Sealdah railway station and other important place in Kolkata. - Mr. Kalyan Laha -

I have booked a flat at Orchard 126 since I was impressed by the location.Also,Mr.Arindam Basu was extremely helpful as he guided me through each step of the entire process. - Mr.Sayan Baksi -

I have booked flat at Orchard 126 of Oswal group. I booked this flat because this project use Mivan technology.This technology is very new in West Bengal specially on BT Road. May this construction quality will be very good gives us a very durable residential building. Here we get good behaviour from Marketing officer. May we get all types of modern amenities. - Arindam Nandi -

I have booked a flat here in Agarpara,Tetultala because of the location of the area as it is nearest to the St. Xaviers school and the lucrative communication and also friendly behaviour of Mr. Arindam Basu. - Mr.Chiranjib Das -

Orchard 126, would be a great place to stay. The property is situated right on BT Road.There is ample communication from the project. Arindam, the sales advisor is a good person to talk to incase of any doubts or query.Looking forward to meet great neighbours in the near future. - Mr.Soumya Banerjee -

I have choosen Orchard 126 because this is very good location and highrise building with all the modern amenities. - Dr. Arup Kumar Ray -

I have booked a 2 BHK flat (Myriad) at Orchard 126 through Mr. Arindam Basu of NK Realtors Pvt. Ltd.. I declare that I am a satisfied customer. - Mr.Jayanta Majumdar -

I had booked a flat at Orchard 126 for its connectivity and 3 sides open flats. - Mr.Sanjoy Roy -

I have booked the flat in Grandeur, satisfied so far with front office and attitude of Mr. Arindam Basu. - Mr. Avijit Das -

I had booked the flat as it was located on broad road.Location is too much convenient.Luxury feel is at its best. - Mr.Nimesh Sharma -

I have booked the flat as location is good,3 sides are open,ample open area,per sq.ft. rate is less compared to others. - Miss.Madhumita Mondal -

Its pleasure to share my feedback which is very nice and let to share my happiness the way the sales team has given the presentation and cooperation to make my confident to process with this project. - Mr. Kunal Mukherjee -

I have booked the flat due to project location is good, communication is well,customer dealing is excellent,rates are comparatively cheap and many ammenities are available. - Mrs. Swarnasree Sarkar -

I find it as a great opportunity to become an owner of a flat on this project. As airy flat was a must criteria for me. I have choosen it, as it has its three sides open, along with that they have priced their flat reasonably.Its location is too good. - Mrs.Rupali Das -

The staff was friendly and very helpful. It was a pleasant experience dealing with this organisation. - Dr.Monojit Ghosh -

I choose this project due to good locality, good connectivity and less pollution of the project. - Mrs.Archana Das -

I have booked a 3BHK flat in Orchard 126 because its prime location in sub-urb area. It is well connected to Kolkata as well. All flats seem to me very air circulating, ample of sunlight access and 3 sides open.The quality of construction is very good and very cozy too. - Mrs. Nandita Das -

I am really happy with planning of the structure and community and also communication is very good. Its situated on BT Road and is also near to the upcoming metro station which makes this complex really attractive. - Mrs Trishika Sur -

I book the flat because this is very beautiful position and all facilities. - Miss.Sayanti Chakraborty -

I have booked a 2 BHK flat at Orchard 126 as location wise good and connectivity is also good. - Miss.Namita Prasad -

I have booked the flat for good connectivity. - Mrs.Chitra Mishra -

Full information received from website. Mr.Arindam Basu assisted to take the final decision to book a flat. Excellent miniature and ready model flat. Construction architect Agarwal & Agarwal a well named in Eastern India. - Mr.Asim Dey -

We means myself and my family are very happy to booked the flat of this construction as we feel the construction of the building is good, spacious and all the flats are 3 side open which are facilating to capture more air and light. Communication side is well enough. More exciting matter is the team member of this group are well behaved and more familiar with us whenever we were came in different time to enquired the our dream. Thank you all the team once again. - Mr.Biplab Shill -

I am extremely happy to be a part of Orchard 126 family. This property is located on BT Road and connects to every place in Kolkata easily. Construction is another parameter which I found very promising. Looking for a very good stay in future. - Mr.Subhadeep Nan -

I have booked a flat at Orchard 126 (BT Road) based on its very nice location and very nice build quality. Actually I am a localite of this area and the project is in a very suitable location for me. - Mr.Debmalya Banerjee -

I have booked Orchard 126 on BT Road because location and construction is very good. - Mr. Bimal Mitra -

I have booked the flat for connectivity, location and construction so far seen quality of the project. - Sima Sarkar -

I have booked the flat at Orchard 126, Agarpara, as it is close to my home.The construction is good, as seen physically and I hope to have a good comfortable stay on possession. - Mr. Joydeep Majumder -

The project looks beautifully organized, neatly designed and nicely located. We literally fall in love with it at our first sight. All the flats are three sides open with good views all around. It’s like our dream home we are looking for. Hope to enjoy the life to the fullest over here. - Mr.Anindya Sundar Sahu -

After visiting the site 2-3 times, I convince on quality of project and the way they (NK Realtors) handling the customer. In a word during the time of booking I am totally satisfied and gaining confidence on this project. - Mr.Chiranjib Bose -

"Booked Orchard 126 for its convinient location and its perfect amenities. A luxurious home at affordable cost". - Mrs.Sarbani Sadhu Das -

Orchard 126 project, itself a great project on BT Road. The project is pocket friendly and comes with many facilities. One of the best project within your budget. - Mr.Tanmoy Mukherjee -

We have booked the flat in Grandeur 8D in Orchard 126,BT Road for its building quality,good communication and locality.The staff of the project are very helpful in every respect especially Mr.Arindam Basu. - Dr. Aniruddha Neogi -

Oswal Orchard 126,a fine destination for living with 3 sides open space,great communication and solid built up quality. - Mr. Debarun Bhadra -

Orchard 126 attracts me due to its connectivity from all parts of Kolkata.Its 3 way open flat makes me feel happy about the ambience. - Miss Monalisha Paul -

I have booked the flat Grandeur on the basis of better construction quality, good connectivity made by a big developer and highrise towers. Experience with agent is also very polite and friendly/convincing. - Mr.Ashok Kumar Singh -

I am satisfied with the project and also satisfied with the concerned person Mr. Arindam Basu from NK Realtors. I am expecting to be handed over within (October 2019). - Mrs.Lily Biswas -

Finally the search for 'My Own Home' ends here at Orchard 126. The location, floor plan and 3side open flats just met with our expectations.The marketing Personnel Mr. Arindam was also very cordial. We are looking forward for a peaceful stay at Orchard 126. - Mrs.Debosmita Ghoshal -

We are glad to book a flat in Orchard 126, in an area with well connectivity and the flats are really spacious and well constructed. We have liked the openness and courteous behaviour of Mr. Arindam Basu. - Mr.Subhadeep Mitra -

Booked a flat for location, great view from top and great amenities offered. - Mr. Patrick Fernandes -

Branded materials used for construction and good location with nice infrastructure. - Mr. Anirban Mukherjee -

Mr. Arindam Basu was extremely professional in his approach and had an excellent attitude towards customer engagement. I was extremely satisfied at his kindness to answer all my queries and the personal engagement that he showed towards us. Thanks to Arindam. - Mr. Indranil Basu -

Booked a flat in Orchard 126 under Oswal Group. The marketing team NK Realtors coordinator Mr. Arindam Basu had briefed the project very well and the team was very helpful in this regard. The location of the flat was awesome like xangam of modern upcoming city as well as the religious touch of Dakshineshwar and very own the river ganges. The construction was unique which is really attractive. - Mrs.Priyanka Mondal -

Since the first interaction for booking, the total narration on the specifications of the said flat and its whereabouts is very much clear and all cooperation for the official procedure are at a friendly circumstance. The physical appearances are almost identical hence satisfied. - Mrs. Manu Aich -