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Siddha Happy Ville

HIRA Reg. No. : HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000120
Rajarhat Choumatha

49.78 lacs onwards


SCHEME : For the 1st time in the real estate industry, Siddha offers DISCOUNT as well as PAYMENT RELAXATION at the same time to the buyer and that too the amount and tenure to be calculated by the buyer based on his and his co-applicant’s mobile number. The addition result is termed herein as “THE JACKPOT NUMBER”. Hence, Siddha will grant benefits to customer based on the Jackpot Number only.

Jackpot Number FOR DISCOUNT
Buyer can add 2 mobile numbers (One Applicant + Another Co-applicant).  
By adding all the mobile numbers, results figure which is the Jackpot Number.

Now for discount, the above Jackpot Number is considered i.e. a discount of  per sq.ft. will be given.

Buyer can add any ONE mobile number of either of the applicant or Co-applicant.
For Payment Relaxation, the buyer can use only one mobile number and by adding that mobile number the figure will considered. Hence the buyer gets payment relaxation of equivalant to that considered number as a days  from the date of booking but relaxation of payment is not on total demand due. It is only on the demand amount beyond FSA amount.

Note : Scheme period is from 17th September 2020 till limited period.


Special free lookup policy @ Siddha Happy Ville
Book any flat online and avail free lookup policy (no cancellation charges applicable)

  • For Rest of Bengal (ROB#)                     : 10 days FREE LOOKUP period from the date of Booking.
  • For Out of Bengal but within India (NRB)  : 20 days FREE LOOKUP period from the date of Booking.
  • For out of India (NRI)                              : 30 days FREE LOOKUP period from the date of Booking.

Note :

  • ROB will be considered towns / cities beyond 60 KMs radius from Kolkata.
  • To avail FREE LOOKUP period, the buyer has to book online by filling the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM, send scanned copies of his/her KYC and pay the booking amount ONLINE towards the booking of the selected flat in Siddha project. FREE LOOKUP period will start from the day Application Form and Booking Amount is sent by buyer to be considered as the Date of Booking.
  • Limited period offer


Special offer @ Siddha Happy Ville

  • Special Booking amount: Book your flat at Siddha Happy Ville with only Rs.31000/- (Online).
  • Price Protection Policy:End Users can expect the property cost to be the lowest one , in case the developer reduces the rate till Dec 2020, this benefit will be passed on to the clients.

Note: Limited period offer.

Why you should choose this property ?

  • Tallest towers in Rajarhat area.

  • 3-sided open units.

  • 32,000 sq.ft. clubhouse area.

  • Located near Rajarhat chowmatha and connected with all parts of Kolkata.

  • Affordable pricing.
Siddha Happy Ville

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