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“A pessimist, they say, sees a glass as being half empty; an optimist sees the same glass as half full. But a giving person sees a glass of water and starts looking for someone who might be thirsty.”


It is this realization that has inspired NK Realtors to commit itself to a number of social causes, backed by a strong sense of motivation to improve the overall living standard of the urban deprived population. We endeavor to establish ourselves as a socially responsible organization, who thinks beyond the 2% CSR mandate and make a humble contribution towards the economic and social empowerment of the society. To achieve the purpose, we not only provide direct financial support but also get associated with a number of NGOs to channelize our activities and organize events to leverage the mechanism of corporate philanthropy with the focus bring on health and education.

Indirect CSR includes all those activities that might not involve direct monetary involvement, but rather an indirect effort to leverage the process of philanthropy for the third parties associating with us. Each member of the organization is equally enthusiastic about making some contribution in their own little way. Therefore, regular donation camps and fund raising activities are also considered to be an integral part of indirect CSR.


Rural Health Care Foundation

We partner Rural Health Care Foundation that aims to provide primary healthcare services to the needy in the rural and urban areas through a model which is reliable, scalable, sustainable and, arguably, the most affordable. We have helped them open a dispensary in the New Alipur area, at 87/7C, Jyotish Roy Rd, Bank Colony, beside Britannia Biscuit Go down, bearing the total capital and operational expenses. Recently the organization forayed into dental and eye care and we supported them by sponsoring a dental chair, dental x-ray and slit lamp for eye checkup. This new extension is also supported by NK Realtors from operational standpoint.

The health care center now comprises of the clinics for eye care, dental care, homeopathy & allopathic treatment. It operates from 8:30 am to 11:30 am in the morning and 6 pm to 8 pm in the evening throughout the week. The patients can register with a minimal amount of Rs.20/- . The medicines for a week are also provided to the patients free of cost. The eye clinic patients are also provided with free spectacles through an auxiliary project with Give India Forum.

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A free medical dispensary has been set up & operational for the under privileged near New Alipore. This is managed by the Rural Health Care Foundation. The dispensary is open for 7 days a week to serve the people.

Address: 87/7C, Jyotish Roy Rd, Bank Colony, beside Britannia Biscuit Godown, Kolkata - 53.

Dispensary Timing: Mon to Sat - 8am to 11am & Sunday - 8am to 10am.

To good will and good health

November 24, 2014

A company's zeal to provide budget healthcare to the urban poor has resulted in a novel medical model

The term " health care " immediately evokes the picture of a rural setting, someone in need of medical attention and the absence of a service provider.

One company that chose to pick it up from that point is Kolkata-based NK Realtors, eastern India's largest real estate marketing company.

Over the last year, NK Realtors cared to look where most would have not ­ the urban health care gap. The management at NK Realtors was convinced that there was extensive urban poverty residing in the slums of Kolkata. It was quick to conclude that competent low-cost health care was under-provided within these communities and if it were able to introduce a scalable format of neighbourhood health care intervention then that supply would create its own demand.

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