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A partnership that assures you that home you have always dreamt for.

Orbit Group

We build your dreams with love. We're not just builders, designers, architects and engineers. We are the Imagineers of your vision for a happy home. Our endeavor is to turn your wishes into palpable reality. We believe that real estate is not just a piece of land, an apartment, an office or a store. Every square foot is a cradle that nurtures and elevates your life and emotions. It is this belief that we passionately work to build the foundations of your home. We work with celebrated architects, the best in industry consultants, trusted vendors, branded products, and experienced craftsmen to create unique spaces. At Orbit, there is no foundation deeper than a relationship… and no high-rise taller than a reputation. 

Credentials : Orbit Rhythm | Orbit Kripa Kutir | Orbit Skygarden | Orbit Shobha | Orbit Sky View

Our Ongoing Projects

Orbit Ekam
  • : HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000112
  • Kolkata / Lower Rawdon Street
  • Under Construction
  • :

Orbit Victoria
  • : HIRA/P/KOL/2018/000071
  • Kolkata / Shakespeare Sarani
  • Current Project
  • :

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