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Aspira Group

The Aspira Group is Kolkata's premier real estate developer. They give personal attention to the details of building design, construction and leasing services while providing day-to-day handsome management. Their commitment begins when we assess the client facility needs, they then tailor their proposal to fit those needs. We coordinate all details in each stage of development, making it easy for their customers to stay focused on their business while they create their facility. They always ensure the building meets or exceeds client expectations. The amount of attention placed on details separates Aspira projects from the competition. With 2 decades in the real estate industry and over 20,00,000 sq fts of quality creations like SP Nest, Natural Tops, Clubtown Gardens, Ashiyana, SP Apartment and many more, Aspira Group keeps on aspiring for the biggest share of the nation's skylines and forging ahead to deliver a better tomorrow. Even after 2 decades in the real estate industry and an unending streak of quality creations, Aspira Group has still not ceased to aspire for the biggest share of the nation’s skylines!

Other Projects- SP Nest (completed), SP Apartment (completed), Starwood- Chinar park (Ongoing), SP Residency (Ongoing), Aashiaya (Ongoing), Freshia (Ongoing).

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