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Arrjavv Group

Arrjavva: the quality of being open and honest in one’s thoughts & deeds. The ancient texts describe it as truthfulness of character that is essential to acquire eternal salvation and bliss.

Sincere candour, a rarity in the real-estate arena, has been our sole guiding light in the creation and progress of Arrjavv. Every endeavour we undertake is characterized by such transparency – from the expectations we set, the quality of constructions we create, to the wholesome purchasing and acquisition experience that we provide.

Credential : Arihant Pearl, Arihant Petals, Arihant Cavetto, Arihant Square, Arihant Connect

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Sonar Kella

It is strategically located at Baruipur right on NSC Bose road, near Southern Bypass and only a few kms away from the ex

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