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How Upcoming Areas in Kolkata May Look After 5 Years

In five years, it will be time for Pradeep Arora, 55, move into his own apartment, no more hopping around company-owned residential complexes. So he marked this day and decided to give himself a deadline in deciding the location he would like to plant his roots in. He started his research on the different zones, transportation convenience, availability of basic facilities, among other check points. And, of course, he loved to take his family out on weekend eat-outs, so restaurants had to be an important decider. Another question cropped up – what about his Saturday adda? Will his friends be within easy reach?

Not just Mr. Arora, who is set to retire, there are a good number of IT professionals, entrepreneurs and others who have set a target for themselves for moving in to a better property. Price isn’t a factor here. What they need to know is how prepared their city will be in the next five years to provide them with luxury living, keeping in mind the fact that there are a number of infrastructure developments underway.

Locations to Lookout For

While looking for the up and coming locations in and around Kolkata, it’s important to remember that nearly every zone has some areas that are prospective. Therefore, it’s best to measure a location using the yardstick of your own personal preferences.

While Central Kolkata is doing better at luring in high-end property buyers, South Kolkata offers higher range of property prices, offering both budget and luxury living. The last financial quarter saw a rise in real estate growth in South (especially in areas in and around EM Bypass, extended EM Bypass, Garia, Tollygunge and Behala), while North is witnessing rapid developments in various upcoming areas such as Doltala Crossing, B.T. Road, Barasat, to name a few. It is absolutely up to you which zone you would like to choose, considering the factors that are important to you, considering where your heart or extended family belongs.

The point is, there is a lot to look forward to. By the time you are ready to buy your home, Kolkata will have moved towards being a better host with flyovers, rapid transit systems (metro), and area specific developments under the guidance of the State Government plans. We’re referring to the ‘Green City’ project encompassing New Town-Rajarhat. Therefore, do not restrict your decisions on the basis of how it is today. Learn about the developmental prospects of your desirable location. Trust me; it is not going to be the same forever. For instance, compare the barren Rajarhat we had about twenty years ago, with the facelift it experienced over a period of time that surged its value and made it one of the top notch locations to invest in today.

Developments or Real Estate Growth – What comes first?

Settlements attract businesses and educational institutions to open branches and franchises. So, don’t be surprised if you see franchises of your favourite eateries, takeaways and supermarkets coming up in new locations.  As far as schools are concerned, they are catching up with developing areas pretty fast. Take for example the plethora of schools operational on the EM Bypass, which, if we may remind you, was nothing but a stretch of road bordered by road lamps and undeveloped land, even a few decades back.

Complexes have come up with amazing speed, followed by essential stores and schools. In another 5 years, you can expect the city fringes to come up with some really attractive properties in tune with developments in transportation and essential services. Even if ready-to-move-in properties cost more than under-construction properties, there are takers. They may consider buying a second home for investment purpose and moving in at a later stage when they feel the region is ready to welcome habitation. Whatever the plan might be, do consider speaking clearly about your plans, preferences and queries with a reliable property advisor.

The ‘Game-Changing’ East West Corridor

Once complete, this will have 12 stations from Salt Lake Sector V to Howrah Maidan, with part underground and part elevated lines. With daily commuters preferring Metro over traditional transportation modes like buses, the corridor or Line 2 will take a considerable load off the city streets. With this kind of transportation support, it won’t be long before businesses start cropping up around the line. As far as luxury living is concerned, there are quite a few complexes already under construction, most of which have been booked. Roads will be revamped and bridges constructed to facilitate people to reach the elevated stations. So, you can expect a smoother ride with least potholes! Not just this, once complete it will be linked to existing metro lines, bus depots.

Garia and Joka Rapid Transit Systems

The same goes for Garia and Joka Metro which will enable faster connectivity and growth of adjoining areas along the routes with better infrastructure. Demand for Southerm E.M Bypass, Kamalgazi, Sonarpur, Baruipur around Garia; and that for Joka, Bakhrahat Road, Diamond harbour Road, Maheshtala around Behala will be boosted by the respective metro links with its construction in full swing.

This looks like a city that’s ready to attract investments, welcome industries and fuel developments! Of course, the preferred luxury living locales will only stand to benefit from the overall developments planned for the next five years.

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