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The 42 — the Pinnacle of Luxury Living at the Centre of Kolkata

“I am the monarch of what I survey”, wrote William Cowper a long time ago.

Today I rise sky high above all that is ordinary in Kolkata. I am the tallest, the most extravagant symbol of the new emerging Kolkata.

I am The 42. There is no way you can ignore me if you are in Kolkata.

I Am at the Centre of Kolkata

I am at Chowringhee, the centre of Kolkata. You can look up towards the sky and see me standing tall above all other buildings here.

I stand at a towering 250 metres (820 feet) and overlook some of Kolkata’s most iconic landmarks, spanning from the likes of Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu, and beyond to Dakshineshwar Kali Temple.

As the tallest residential tower in Eastern India and 3rd tallest in the country, I am not only revolutionizing the urbanscape of the city but am also one-of-its-kind in architectural brilliance in the entire Eastern region.

Promoted by a consortium of four developers — the Kolkata-based Mani Group, Diamond Group and Alcove Realty along with Bangalore-based Sattva Group, I am designed by the award-winning architect – Hafeez Contractor.

I am the glitzy new residential tower sheathed in double glass and pack a dazzling suite of amenities, structural finesse and a certifiably elite lifestyle.

I Am a Unique Concept

I represent the pinnacle of luxury living on Chowringhee.  There is nothing remotely comparable.

Surrounded by key landmarks in the bustling central business region of Kolkata, I get the ‘rare’ best of three worlds — the city’s vibrant modern side, its quintessential ‘old-world’ charm, and ample green space.

Walk in and experience the serenity in spite of being at the centre of the city, high above the hazy pollution which engulfs Kolkata most of the times.

My form creates a commanding presence on the skyline highlighting the remarkable site while providing stunning views — arguably the best in the city. You can enjoy irreplaceable, never-to-be-obstructed views of the green stretch of the Central Park (Maidan) from the massive floor-to-ceiling double-glazed windows.

I get an extra dose of luxury from the fact that there’s only one apartment on each floor. If you live here, you get 360o panoramic view of the city. Just imagine waking up to see the clouds kissing the clear blue sky and enjoying your morning cup of coffee by the window, with all the city sprawled out below you.

The 42 - Swimming Pool

I Am the New Height of Luxury

An imposing addition to the expanding portfolio of the city’s luxury properties, I have already altered the Kolkata skyline. With a sweeping, unparalleled double-glass façade and spacious view-oriented interiors, my 62-floor tower reflects a level of architectural sophistication never before seen in the city. Some of my most striking features include:

5-Star Clubhouse. Spanning nearly 33,000 sq. ft, the clubhouse sits atop a multilevel car parking block next to me. It comprises 5-star facilities including swimming pool, signature spa and salon, world-class gymnasium, a lounge bar, and a dedicated space for indoor games. There’s a banquet hall for hosting private parties and a 15-seater theatre room.

Fresh air units. Besides the central air-conditioning, each of my apartment is fitted with individual fresh air system, which allows filtered fresh air to be circulated indoors. Need more air? The huge windows and the balcony with tempered glass balusters make sure the apartments are always airy.

Faster and smarter elevators. Four passenger elevators operate at 5 mps speed, which can bring you to my top in barely 60 seconds. The lifts are button-less and are equipped with smart group control for dynamic traffic needs. So all you have to do is touch the biometric-supported panels that sync your fingerprints with your floor. And, that will take you to your floor, making no stops beside the one you want. The lifts are also audio and braille assisted. Besides the passenger lifts, there’s one dedicated service elevator and one for lifting goods and materials.

Feature-rich car parking. There’s a separate multilevel car parking building where 120 out of 404 slots are dedicated to luxury car parking. Besides, there’s a best access car parking for the differently-abled.

Zero-pillar apartments. Each apartment has only two pillars at the entrance, which allows ample of room for customising the interior layout.

Service floors. There are four service floors in total, one after every 20 floors. They not only store various service equipment (heating, water pipes, air ducts, power supply etc.) but also provide me structural support.

State-of-the-art façade. My façade is clad in Saint Gobain glass, rendering me a truly world-class look, amazingly enhanced at night with lighting from top to bottom.

The Best Safety Features are Incorporated

I am a luxury property that is integrated with excellent safety features. Some of them are:

Measures to endure wind pressure. The high-altitude structure has multiple features to withstand high wind pressure. The façade made of double glass unit with vacuum in between shields the building from wind loads. The performance glass is wind-pressure tested to withstand wind loads of up to 4 kPa, while it also offers to minimize the effect of heat and UV rays.

Earthquake safety features. My foundation is intelligently designed with a 56 metres deep pile, superimposed by a 5 metre deep raft. This makes my structure strong enough to endure jolts and tremors in Seismic Zone 3.

Additionally, a TLD (tuned liquid damper) tank has been designed by Wintech Consultants, Australia to balance out the effect of an earthquake. The 120-tonne water-filled tank is integrated at my roof level and it creates an opposite force against the quake, which compensates for my lateral movement in case of an earthquake.

While the apartments are nearly pillar-less, the service floors have pillars and beams that further helps to make me steady.

Fire safety features. I boast of multiple fire safety features. The exterior and interior walls are fire-resistant and are built with 2-hour fire rated materials, while the doors are fire repellent as well. Each apartment has concealed sprinklers which offer fire safety without interfering with the aesthetics. Additionally, fire hydrants, smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire alarms are built into the common spaces on every floor. Each floor also has access to two fire escape staircases.

An innovative fire safety mechanism used includes pressurized elevator shafts and staircases. This prevents the smoke from spreading into these areas during an emergency, allowing safer routes for evacuation.

Other security features. Besides, there’s CCTV surveillance, RFID-based car identification system, biometric front door lock, and swipe card access to the entrance lobby and lift for guests.

The 42 - Lounge

Combining Luxury With Eco-Friendly Features

I am an exemplary combination of indulgent and environmental-friendly features to conserve energy on multiple levels. I stand out as a certified ‘Green Building’ and is about to set a new benchmark by introducing responsible luxury living. Bestowed with a Gold rated ‘Green Building’ pre-certification status by the IGBC, I offer many unique features, which include:

Solar lighting. 76% of the rooftop is covered with solar panels, which is being planned as an alternative source for lighting the common area and other service functions which need electrical power. There’s also a provision for installing a 27.72 Kw power plant.

Water conservation. I have a rainwater harvesting tank, while flow restrictors have also been installed to cut down water usage by as much as 35%.

Waste management. Besides organic waste converters, a sewage treatment plant has been installed for recycling water which can be used for gardening, washing, and for other purposes.

Electric car charging facility. Electric-powered charging points will appeal to green car enthusiasts and will encourage electric car adoption. There’s provision for home automation as well.

The 42 - Interior

A View from the Inside

The 25th floor of mine is a furnished extravaganza spread across 8000 sq. ft. — a mock-up flat to offer an exciting glimpse into what life will look like when you live here. Done up by the Kolkata-based interior design expert Mr. Vinoo Chadha of The Design Cell, it matches perfectly with the image and essence of mine.

The living area in the model apartment is a plush space decked up in a Neo-Victorian style. From the imported Italian marble floors to crystal chandeliers, every corner oozes a palatial grandeur. The gold and pastel shades further add drama and character to the space. The huge window opening up a view of the fantastic Kolkata skyline acts as the perfect centrepiece.

Moving on to the bedrooms, the apartment has 4 of them—one master bedroom and three other bedrooms. Tufted walls in the bedrooms add to the royal vibe of the interior. Every room enjoys different views of the city, while ornate stenciled wall patterns made from insulated gypsum feature in one of the rooms.

The bathrooms feature upscale fittings and bath accessories including a freestanding bathtub in the master bathroom. But one of the most strikingly gorgeous spaces is the private lift lobby. The floor of the lobby is paved with Armani brown marble, while the light panels with lotus motif add an interesting touch.

Your Own Oasis of Luxury

Living in one of the highest homes in the country is a truly astounding experience. If you’re interested to own a piece of this super-expensive residential property, you won’t have to wait too long. I am likely to be ready for possession around the end of 2018.

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