Some Great Locations to Buy Flats in Kolkata for Investment

buy flats in Kolkata for investment

As spaces for new development in mainland Kolkata shrink with time, locations around the fringes of the city are rapidly emerging as the nerve centre of Kolkata’s real estate investment, promising impressive returns over a mid to long-term time spread. These areas, which have already grabbed the attention of real estate investors, are increasingly becoming […]

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Why Waiting for Lower Property Prices in Kolkata Can Be Disappointing

property prices in Kolkata

The Indian government’s decision to withdraw notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 was intended to attack the black economy, keep a tag on transactions, and minimising cash transactions. A natural corollary to this was a likely hit to the real estate sector, which, for long, has been considered a refuge for unaccounted money. The […]

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How Demonetization Will Affect You While Buying Property in Kolkata Now

buying property in Kolkata. now

In an unexpected move, RBI has recently scrapped currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and announced the replacement of a new set of currency notes. These notes are being exchanged from banks and post offices across India. One can deposit such notes freely in one’s bank account. While the move caught everyone off […]

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