How More Women are Taking Major Decisions in Property Matters

women in property matters

“They always call us gharer lakshmi, but when it comes to property matters…” “But it is changing if you notice current trends.” These are the snippets of lunchtime conversations between two friends, Shreemoyee and Tanima, who work in a private bank. “Even for women working in the financial sector, it is not easy to impress […]

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What are Some Creative Diwali Lighting Options for Your Home?

diwali lighting options

One week before Diwali, three gentlemen and a lady were discussing a matter of grave importance in one corner of the community hall of a prominent housing complex in Kolkata. They were visibly excited but were speaking in hushed, stressed tones. It seemed that they were highly agitated about some aspects of the impending Diwali. […]

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