What to Look For When Buying a New Home in Kolkata

buying a new home in Kolkata

With no loans to repay and a not-too-high retirement goal, bank executive Samir and his schoolteacher wife, Aruna was saving enough to support their child’s education and marriage while setting up a decent retirement plan. However, there was one thing that threatened to derail the family’s financial plan — home buying. Having spent most years […]

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How New Complexes in Kolkata Are Offering More Value than Simple Flats

new complexes in Kolkata

Concierge services, wine and cigar libraries, air-conditioned exhibition galleries for contemporary art…the list goes on. And, you will be highly mistaken if you think these plush facilities are being offered by some 5-star hospitality giant. These swanky features are just a few of the lush amenities that modern new complexes in Kolkata are offering. Such […]

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How Demonetization Will Affect You While Buying Property in Kolkata Now

buying property in Kolkata. now

In an unexpected move, RBI has recently scrapped currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and announced the replacement of a new set of currency notes. These notes are being exchanged from banks and post offices across India. One can deposit such notes freely in one’s bank account. While the move caught everyone off […]

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