Kolkata Retail Growth is Changing the Livability Quotient of Many Areas

kolkata retail growth

“We recently bought a flat in Kasba…just 5 mins away from Acropolis mall” — Abir told his work buddies at the office pool table. And, one could easily sense a considerable hint of pride when he said so. Had anyone mentioned Kasba as their new address even a decade back, they would have probably met […]

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Hyderabadi Cuisine: A Unique Blend of Cooking Styles

hyderabadi biryani

Hyderabadi cuisine, also known as Deccani cuisine, is the native culinary art of the Hyderabadi Muslims, which started to develop after the founding of the Bahmani Sultanate, and more radically with the foundation of the Qutb Shahi dynasty around the city of Hyderabad. As Hyderabadi cuisine began to develop further with the amalgamation of Mughlai, […]

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The Rise and Rise of Indian Logistics Infrastructure

indian logistics sector growth

Indian logistics infrastructure was unorganised and fragmented for a long time. Interestingly it is a business which is under massive reorganisation to serve the ever-increasing need of the modern businesses. Also being touted as the country’s ‘sunshine industry’, the Indian logistics sector is readying itself to move from its present unorganized, fragmented business model to […]

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Will Hyderabad Healthcare Facilities Attract Inbound Medical Tourists?

Hyderabad healthcare facilities are booming

  As a city loaded with rich culture and heritage, Hyderabad is home to numerous historic landmarks, tourist spots, and old markets that seize the attention of travellers. Though these historic landmarks will never lose their captivating charm, there are many new landmarks coming up in the city in the form of ultra-modern healthcare facilities […]

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