Steps You Should Take to Ensure the Safety of Your Home

safety of your home

Authorities are reporting an exponential rise in burglaries and sophisticated break-ins as working couples, single parents, nuclear families, and fast-paced life are increasingly becoming the new normal rather than being an exception like it used to be a few decades back. Srinjoy Chatterjee, a businessman living in an independent bungalow in Kolkata’s Salt Lake City, […]

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Should We Have More Green Buildings in Kolkata?

green buildings in Kolkata

Going green is the new trend worldwide, and India’s realty sector isn’t falling behind in this regard. From malls to office spaces, and residential units, buildings are increasingly becoming eco-friendly. With the city’s IT hub — Salt Lake — getting its first eco-friendly commercial building, Technopolis, in 2006, Kolkata entered the ‘green’ brigade pretty early […]

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Is the Hospitality Scenario in Kolkata Changing for the Better?

hospitality scenario in Kolkata

With fresh investments coming in, the hospitality sector in the Eastern metropolis of Kolkata has started looking up in the last couple of years. The overall outlook of hospitality scenario in Kolkata at present, and in the future, appears to be bright and hopeful. Kolkata’s Hospitality Landscape: Then and Now  Not long back, the city’s […]

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Why It Is Wiser to Buy a Flat in Kolkata Than Renting One

buy a flat in Kolkata

Buying a home is perhaps the most common and the biggest dream of every Indian. Though owning a home in our society has a high level of emotional quotient, the decision has to be prudent, and backed by financial viability.  An incorrect assessment can lead to financial difficulties like an overloaded debt. The union government’s […]

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