What You Must Know About PLC while Buying an Apartment

plc for buying an apartment

When you are scouting for your dream home, you would often be confronted with various real estate jargon. Of late, one such term, doing the rounds in the real estate domain, is Preferential Location Charges, commonly known as PLC. The term, which was popular in celebrity locales until now, is increasingly making its way into […]

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App-Based Cycle Sharing Service That’s Hoping to Make Kolkata Greener

zoomcar pedl cycle sharing service

The concept of rent-a-bicycle has taken the world by storm. We have seen it in London, New York, Amsterdam, and across the globe in several environment-conscious cities. Finally, app-based cycle sharing service is here in the City of Joy. Self-drive car rental company, Zoomcar, has recently launched PEDL, an app-based initiative that promises to bring green […]

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How to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Home Loan?

improve credit score

Little did Ritwik Banerjee, a 35-year-old Kolkata-based software engineer, know about ‘credit score’, before his home loan application got rejected by a multinational bank in the city. It was a rude shock for the young man, when the bank told him that his credit score was not good enough, rather, below the accepted limits. So […]

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