How the Impact of Social Media is Changing Our Cities

impact of social media

Social networks, since time immemorial, have existed in various forms, including family, relatives, friends, office buddies, and more. Building such networks is an integral part of human nature. However, in the digital era that we’re living in, the proliferation of the internet and smartphones have transformed our social networks like never before. These technologies have altered the […]

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Common Issues of Property Inheritance after the Owner’s Death

property inheritance in india

The death of Delhi-based businessman Bhuwanlal Singla, presented his four surviving sons with a moral and legal dilemma, involving their father’s multi-crore real estate holdings. In the wake of this family tragedy, the sons faced the most challenging situation related to property inheritance, as Bhuwanlal did not leave a will. Though there was no chance […]

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Why 2019 has Turned out to be the Best Time to Buy a Property

best time to buy a property

Hyderabad-based businessman, Rajnish Tripathi has been tinkering with the thought of buying a property since December last year. He wanted to make sure that he invested when the time was right. It was when his friend and tax consultant, Senthil Srinivasan, convinced him that the property prices are more affordable now than at any time […]

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How Landscape Architecture is Reshaping Housing Complexes

landscape architecture

Investment banker, Asim Zaveri and his wife, Anju picked a plush apartment in a sprawling gated community set on Banjara Hills, when they moved to Hyderabad from Mumbai. The Zaveris were won over by the vast stretches of planned lawns, impeccably landscaped avenues, and rows of gorgeous flowering trees — an abundance of lush greenery […]

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