It is Easy to Pay Property Tax in Kolkata Now — Here’s How

property tax in kolkata

65-year-old, Kaushik Banerji recalls the hassles he had to undergo while paying property tax in Kolkata by visiting a nearby bank for two of his family-owned properties — “The long, chaotic queue extended beyond the bank’s gate, and the sweltering heat that afternoon was unbearable.” “But the worst part was yet to come,” smirks the […]

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Good News for MIG Homebuyers: The PMAY CLSS Scheme Is Extended


After three long years of deliberation, random frugality, and calculated saving up, 38-year-old school teacher Sanjib and his wife Anjali were finally ready to buy their first home in 2019. They decided to apply for a home loan and had plans to avail the PMAY CLSS scheme for MIG homebuyers. But fate has a way […]

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Why Living as a Tenant in India Will Always Keep You Dissatisfied

Living as a tenant in India

Many families across India stay on rent due to various reasons, primarily financial. However, in the Indian society, it is almost an unwritten social stigma which links it to your financial instability. Owning a home is a typical Indian dream, but many proponents cite renting a house costs much less than owning one. In the […]

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