Why Buying a Home Makes Better Financial Sense than Renting One

buying a home is lucrative in india

Ashish Gupta, 35, lives in a rented accommodation in South Kolkata. His parents and relatives are asking him to buy a home, but despite paying high rent, Ashish is uncertain whether to make the big decision. He knows that buying a home involves a huge amount of money. Plus, there are recurring costs, such as property […]

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How Living in a Residential Complex Can Improve Mental Wellbeing

residential complex

When Shefali Sahay, a graphic designer and consultant, moved into her 2 BHK apartment in a residential complex from her small independent flat, little did she know that the whole experience would change her for the better. “After the horror of sharing a flat with 10 girls during my college years, it had kind of […]

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How Owning a Home Gives Superior Dividends and Social Respect than Renting

owning a home

Abhinav and Shilpa, a working couple in Hyderabad, never felt the desire to buy a house until they had to leave their rented apartment last month — their third address in the last three years. Just a few months ago, they had moved into this apartment after a lot of stressful home hunting. They loved […]

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The Importance of Diwali in Modern India’s Economy

importance of Diwali

It’s that time of the year again when the high street outlets, the brightly-lit shopping malls, and even your local store across the street will put up display boards screaming “Sale”, “Diwali Dhamaka”, and “Diwali Bonanza”. Online stores will be brimming with schemes and offers, and your inboxes will be flooded with notifications of festive […]

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Sales of Office Space in Hyderabad is All Set to Beat Bangalore

office space in hyderabad

In 2016, the absorption of office space in Hyderabad doubled and the demand rose to denote almost 6 million sq. ft. The commercial real estate market in Hyderabad clocked office supply growth at 17% behind Bangalore’s 23%. But, the story has turned around in 2019 and how! The current year’s absorption of office space in Hyderabad […]

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The Essence of the Durga Puja Spirit Across Generations

durga puja spirit

Mahalaya has just past and the countdown for Bengali’s biggest celebration of the year, Durga Puja, has already started. Only it’s much more than just a celebration; it’s a gamut of intense emotions that transcends age, border, and boundaries. Remember the Tree of Souls in the movie Avatar that allowed all of the Na’vi to unite […]

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