Kolkata Wetlands Must be Saved without Compromising on Development

kolkata wetlands

Flanked by sky-high buildings and corporate architectures, the placid blue-green water bodies to the east of Kolkata have been quietly flushing out the city’s waste for more than a century. While that description may invoke images of filthy, marshy, waste water, it’s not quite so. If you’ve ever passed through the EM bypass that runs […]

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The Legacy of Sports in Kolkata Adds to the Spirit of the City

sports in kolkata

Giving up Maachh (fish) and Mangsho (meat) to cut down their expenses, 85-years old Pannalal Chatterjee and his wife, 76-years old Chaitali Chatterjee live on a shoestring budget. The sacrifice is to save for their World Cup kitty – something that the elderly couple from a middle-class family in Kolkata cannot compromise with. Starting with […]

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