How Hyderabad Music Scene is Booming for the Better

hyderabad music scene

When we think of Hyderabad, the first image that pops into mind is its rich history and culture, and the IT boom aided modernity. That’s quite an interesting mix, almost opposites yet beautifully complementing. This is the case with the Hyderabad music scene too. Traditional, regional, and Bollywood are no longer the staple affair. The City […]

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Hyderabadi Cuisine – a Treasure Trove of ‘Hidden’ Gastronomic Gems

Hyderabadi cuisine, with its extraordinary culinary treasure trove that goes back to 400 years, has always stood out for its smack-in-the-face, fiery local flavours along with the dashes of Iranian, Turkish, and Mughal influences. For food historians, critics, and chefs across the country — and even the world, to some extent — Pearl City is almost […]

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Park Street: Kolkata’s Spirit, its Beating Heart, and its Old-world Soul

park street kolkata

Some call it “the city that never sleeps,” while many attach to it the prestigious tag of “Kolkata’s food street”. Yet, others think the name “Times Square of Kolkata” suits it the best. Park Street has several monikers, and each of them highlight everything that the City of Joy holds dearest: Food, culture, music, and […]

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