Our Top Findings on Kolkata’s Property Market Trends (Jan-Jun 2019)

Kolkata's Property Market Trends

Kolkata is a truly cosmopolitan city and according to Yamini who is a thorough Indore-bred girl, settling down in Kolkata after marriage was a pleasant surprise. “I still can’t believe how reasonable this metro is, both in terms of pricing as well as the pace of life. It would be wise to invest in Kolkata’s […]

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How the World of FM Radio in India Has Changed Drastically

FM Radio in India

When in the 1980s, The Buggles sang the song “Video killed the radio star”, they were really onto something. Or so, the media watchers thought. The imminent death of radio was prophesied, with television taking over people’s living rooms. Of course, there was an initial lull in radio’s popularity but it hit back strong in […]

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How a Home Insurance Policy Offers Protection against Disasters

home insurance policy

Vikas and Rashmi Dubey loved every square inch of their new detached house in their home town of Bhopal, and they decorated it with the latest gadgets and trendiest furnishings. The bank did offer them a home insurance policy along with the home loan but they had declined it. After the 2019 monsoon havoc in […]

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Our Report Reveals Top Hyderabad Property Market Trends

hyderabad property market trends jan-jun2019

It has been close to two years that 32-year old Priyanka Sen has moved to Hyderabad with her husband, Sourav. All this while, the couple — both IT industry employees — had been living in a rented 2 BHK apartment in Jeedimetla. But since Sourav’s promotion 6 months back, they have been thinking of buying […]

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