USSHAR at Maheshtala – the Unique Realty Project beside the Ganges

maheshtala flyover

After a 2-year stint in the UK, Tushar Sengupta returned to Kolkata with his wife Rini. He went to the UK for a research project at Cambridge University. Staying sometime in the West, Tushar and Rini have developed certain traits. Now they avoid too much crowd, noisy atmospheres, and polluted surroundings. Tushar was earlier staying […]

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The Year of Hope & Cheer is Here! Let’s Welcome 2021

welcome 2021

Last year at this time, it’s doubtful any of us would have anticipated all the challenges that the new year, 2020, would bring. We’ve been confronted with creating and adapting to new ways of learning, working, and living our lives amid stressors that we have never experienced before. However, we can all finally heave a […]

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Will Property Prices and Home Loan Rates Increase Now?

home loan

It is probably the best time to buy a house and the reasons are not difficult to decipher. Rock-bottom interest rates on home loans, festive discounts, offers, and the availability of ready-to-move-in properties mean that buyers can swoop in on good deals. The home loan interest rate is now at 15 year low, but will […]

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Why Air Quality in Kolkata is Still a Worry in Most Areas

poor air quality in kolkata

As December approaches, Subirbabu first became irregular and finally stopped his otherwise regular morning walk sessions at Rabindra Sarobar as air quality started deteriorating. Mrs. Roy in Salt Lake used to take an evening walk in the neighbourhood park. In the winter, her breathlessness worsens because of poor air quality and she avoids venturing out […]

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What You Must Know about the Common Area in Your Apartment Complex

common area swimming pool

In your gated apartment complex, the ‘common area’ is an indivisible area that is co-owned by every resident, and collectively maintained by every resident. The Apartment Act of a state as well as the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 help define and govern the common area in an apartment complex. What Constitute the […]

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Circle Rate, Market-Rate, and Tax Implications — All You Need to Know

circle rate

Real estate is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy. Also, the real estate industry supports many other industries and is a major job-creator. In the interest of the economy, the good performance of this industry is vital. Governments, both at the central and state level, are trying hard to boost demand […]

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