A Home near the Ganges can Offer Never-before Quality of Living in Kolkata

ganges evening view

What if you get up watching the view of the Ganges and end your day while feasting your eyes on the breathtaking sunset over the Ganges every day? The view of the Ganges, especially in the evenings, is probably the best in Kolkata. If you look at the setting sun over the Ganges, you will […]

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How Reverse Mortgage Loans can Dramatically Improve the Financial Situation of Senior Citizens

reverse mortgage

“Have you heard of a reverse mortgage loan?” asked Moonmoon’s father. “Never,” said Moonmoon. “It can solve the financial problems of senior citizens’” said her father. “Tell me more about it,” said Moonmoon. “Sure. Come to our home next Sunday. I will tell you all about it. Your mother will also be delighted to see […]

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Hyderabad Market Report Jan-Jun 2022 Reveals Amazing Transformation

hyderabad market report janJun 22

If the state of the property market is any gauge of the impending prosperity then Hyderabad is staring at skyrocketing economic growth. From a highly affordable city, Hyderabad has transformed into the 2nd costliest real estate destination in India. The robust IT ecosystem and rich talent pool in Telangana attract many companies, making it the […]

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In the Current Benign Interest Regime, is Buying a Home Better than Renting One?

buying a home vs renting

Tamal, an MBA finance working in a private bank, smiled at his psychology professor wife Mandira when she said, ”It’s time we buy our own flat. I am fed up with changing homes every eleven months, and pieces of my crockery getting broken in the process.” ”Do you think it’s financially wise to buy a […]

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Know Everything about Home Loans and Get the Best out of Them

home loans

If you talk of the symbols of financial accomplishment in India, one event is probably the most appreciated. This event is truly a milestone in anyone’s life. What is it? Buying a home. A home of your own is an expression of success, a signal to your social circle that you have really arrived. Buying […]

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Homebuyers Prefer 3 BHK, Larger Homes: Kolkata Market Report Jan-Jun 2022

kolkata market report jan-jun 22-b

Kolkata property market confirms its preference for stable growth with gradual change once again as revealed in our Kolkata Market Report Jan-Jun 2022. In our continuous study of these trends, which we make public every six months, we capture homebuyers’ preferences with significant insights. This study offered a deeper understanding of these trends. In Kolkata, […]

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Nklusive – the Preferred Brand Partner for HNIs for Buying Luxury Homes

nklusive for luxury homes

We at NK Realtors constantly find out how to serve homebuyers in more personalized and innovative ways. This is one of the reasons for our unwavering leadership for more than 35 years. The reason why homebuyers prefer NK Realtors over others is because of the empathic dealing in every consultation. Every interaction with a homebuyer […]

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