How Should You Prioritise the Amenities in the Post-Covid New Normal

gym amenities

In the post-Covid world, our priorities are set to change in many ways. Subir and Anamika Chatterjee, a middle-aged couple realized it when they started searching for a new flat in Kolkata. Their only daughter is pursuing higher studies in Chennai. Now in her last semester, she has already bagged a couple of job offers […]

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Why Real Estate Investment will be in Greater Favour Going Forward

real estate investment

Real estate investment was never highly preferred by investment advisor Sumit Agarwal but the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. Relatively safe investment options like a bond, FD has a very poor return on investment in a situation where the interest rate has nosedived. Most of his clients find it very difficult to accept the gut-wrenching volatility […]

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How First-time Homebuyers be Ready to Tide over any Financial Crisis

financial crisis

Anjan Sengupta and his wife currently live in a rented apartment with their 6-year-old daughter. The area is growing with quite a few upcoming residential complexes and Anjan’s wife is particularly keen to buy a flat nearby as her parental home is quite close. Their daughter’s school is also conveniently in the same locality. Anjan […]

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How the Mega Stimulus will Help the Real Estate Industry

Mega Stimulus

The Coronavirus pandemic had prompted the Government of India to adopt a strict nationwide lockdown. Barring scanty manufacturing and distribution of essential commodities, medical supplies, and utilities, this comprehensive lockdown completely stopped almost all other industrial and commercial activities nationwide. Although the lockdown was necessary to arrest the speed of the spread of COVID-19 in […]

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