Why You must Consider Southern Bypass if You Buy a Flat in Kolkata

southern bypass

Buying a flat is one of the most complex endeavours, realised Aritra. He has been searching for a suitable flat in Kolkata within his modest budget. He has been looking everywhere to buy a flat inside a gated community for his small family comprising his wife Sunetra and their six-year-old daughter Triparna. He has been […]

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How a High Credit Score can Benefit You While Taking Home Loan

credit score for home loan

In an amazing turn of events, homebuyers are suddenly having their cakes and eating them too! In addition to an environment of already low interest rates, several banks and housing finance institutions have further reduced the interest rate to eye-popping figures. Will homebuyers ever again enjoy such favourable environment for buying their chosen homes, once […]

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What are the Different Types of Property Ownership Processes in India?

property ownership

“We have finally decided to buy a flat. Staying in a rented flat and moving on to a different one every eleven months is hugely unsettling. Buying a flat also gives a lot of social prestige,” said Moonmoon to her father. “Are you looking for a suitable one?” asked her father. “We are. In fact, […]

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Hyderabad Property Market is Showing Interesting Consolidation

hyderabad property market report

The Hyderabad property market is showing interesting consolidation, as evident from our detailed study of market data of the January-June period of the current year. In spite of the 2nd wave of Covid, homebuyers’ interest in acquiring properties is very high, especially among the NRI community. The demand data of the Hyderabad property market has […]

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Kolkata Property Market is Witnessing Continued Consolidation

kolkata property market jan june 2021

Kolkata property market is slowly changing with buyers’ budgets, flat areas, and location preferences. The process of change is gradual but definitive. It seems that homebuyers prefer a few locations in South Kolkata such as Joka or Rajpur Sonarpur, especially for relatively affordable homes, while certain other areas near EM Bypass and Rajarhat New Town […]

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How You can Take Advantage of Stamp Duty Reduction in West Bengal

stamp duty reduction

Homebuyers are having an extremely favourable opportunity to buy their dream homes for some time now. The home loan interest rate is now at a historic low. Although it is unlikely to go down further as the interest rate cycle may turn upwards from here in view of the elevated threat of inflation raising its […]

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