Why It Is the Right Time to Buy Property Even When Prices are Going up

buy property

Every difficulty comes with an opportunity to benefit if you are alert. The current meltdown in the financial markets is another such opportunity for a massive gain.  Financial markets have witnessed major price erosion with stocks, cryptos, and almost every financial asset heading lower. As inflation is rising fast and furious, it is destroying the […]

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Ready-to-Move or Under-construction Property — What should You Prefer and Why?

under-construction property

Anirban almost always suffers from dilemmas. The situation became worse after he got married because his wife and mother generally do not agree on any point. He feels helpless as he must take one’s side and upset the other. The three of them have been staying in a rented home for a long time and […]

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Will the Rising Home Prices Put the Focus Back on Affordable Housing?

affordable housing

It is almost a month now. The last time Raj and Moonmonn visited her father’s home is more than a month. Although summer is on us, along with the rare heatwave, Jamaishashthi is some time away. However, Moonmoon’s mother wanted to see them and as the heatwave subsided a bit, Raj and Moonmoon were at […]

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Does Repo Rate-Hike Signify Costlier Home Loans Going forward?

repo rate

Rajat, a 30-year-old software developer working in a top IT company at Salt Lake, Sector 5 in Kolkata, cannot avoid getting into some disagreements with his father. Rajat’s father has recently retired from a large engineering company and lives off the interest earned from his savings. With the bank interest dropping to a minimum, he […]

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Is the Indian Economy in Fine Fettle? Is there any Dark Cloud in the Horizon?

Indian economy is resilient

This has never happened earlier. Never in the history of India. Tax collection figures have gone through the roof and even surpassed Union Budget estimates. India’s tax collections soared to a record high of Rs 27.07 lakh crore in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, as mop-up from income and other direct taxes as […]

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Reasons Why Property Prices are Expected to Go up Sharply Very Soon

property prices

It has been quite some time. And they were missing it. They were missing the company of Moonmoon’s father, his wise utterances, and her mother’s warm, affectionate hospitality. And of course, Moonmoon’s mother has been missing her daughter and son-in-law especially because she gets an excuse to try her best recipes when they visit her. […]

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