Why it is Important to Opt for Home Loan Insurance after You Take a Home Loan

home loan insurance

The season of festivals as we know it in India is over. In Kolkata, Durga Puja is the festival and when it is over, everyone becomes morose and looks forward to the next year. Of course, there is Diwali, and Kali Puja. And Jagaddhtri Puja also takes place selectively at some localities. But no festival […]

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How More Women are Taking Major Decisions in Property Matters

women in property matters

“They always call us gharer lakshmi, but when it comes to property matters…” “But it is changing if you notice current trends.” These are the snippets of lunchtime conversations between two friends, Shreemoyee and Tanima, who work in a private bank. “Even for women working in the financial sector, it is not easy to impress […]

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Why Buying a Property is Considered Auspicious in Diwali

diwali at home

“Diwali or Kalipuja?” “Kalipuja in Kolkata.” “Why not both? We are as much local as cosmopolitan here.” “Well, we are, truly. Dhanteras to Diwali customs, we have adopted all of them.” The above is a conversation between two college friends before Diwali. As evident from their exchange of words, Kolkata now celebrates both Kalipuja and […]

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