How NK Realtors is Gearing up to Offer Improved Service to Homebuyers

nk realtors

It was a difficult time for senior citizens. Many of them felt completely helpless. After the government declared lockdown on 24th March 2020, there was a stoppage of all e-commerce and home delivery services in Kolkata. Senior citizens, often dependent on these platforms for their daily needs, medicine, and bottled water, found it very difficult […]

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What can You Expect from Real Estate Sector in 2022

real estate sector in 2022

We have crossed 2021 and started living in 2022. There were a lot of positive expectations when we did so. All of us hoped that the gradual improvements in our lives, the economy, and everything we value will continue to gather momentum. Seldom life recreates our dreams into reality in exactly the same way we […]

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How COVID-19 is Likely to Change the Workplace in India for the Better

covid-19 office

The COVID-19 pandemic has put existential pressure on the Indian workplace. As dramatic changes drive wedges through our lives, they reverberate through the corporate corridors, triggering sweeping changes in our workplace and forcing organisations to recognise the need to accept newer ways of working, adopt new technology and welcome increased flexibility. When the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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The Thriving Industries of Hyderabad are Poised for Further Growth

Industries of Hyderabad

Hyderabad may be the scion of a young state but since its inception, the city has been the industrial and commercial hub worth replicating by other states. Hyderabad has been primarily blessed with progressive reforms in industrial policies and government agencies. The city has evolved in a very short duration as the most preferred IT […]

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