What You Must Know about Wood before You Order Your Furniture

wood furniture

Sanchita had always dreamt of a nice cosy apartment since her marriage with Rajat. After staying in a rental flat for a few years, they mustered enough courage and sufficient money to take the plunge of buying their own flat. Both Rajat and Sanchita shared their imagination with each other about how their flat would […]

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What are Some Creative Diwali Lighting Options for Your Home?

diwali lighting options

One week before Diwali, three gentlemen and a lady were discussing a matter of grave importance in one corner of the community hall of a prominent housing complex in Kolkata. They were visibly excited but were speaking in hushed, stressed tones. It seemed that they were highly agitated about some aspects of the impending Diwali. […]

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Why Buying a Property is Considered Auspicious in Diwali

diwali at home

“Diwali or Kalipuja?” “Kalipuja in Kolkata.” “Why not both? We are as much local as cosmopolitan here.” “Well, we are, truly. Dhanteras to Diwali customs, we have adopted all of them.” The above is a conversation between two college friends before Diwali. As evident from their exchange of words, Kolkata now celebrates both Kalipuja and […]

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How You Can Design an Elegant House Garden and Impress Your Guests

small house garden

The desire to be with nature is innate in everyone, especially those who live in cities. Nothing can bring us peace and rejuvenation as much as being with nature. Although most urban houses recognize this and offer open spaces, generally landscaped with greenery, still we can create a well-designed house garden. A house garden with […]

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