What is Special about Durga Puja in Kolkata Residential Complexes

durga puja

There is something very special about Durga Puja. Whatever happens in the world, whether devastating flood or pandemic, Durga Puja is always magical for every Bengali. As soon as the monsoon rains start their departure and the sky becomes a mosaic of blue and white, every Bengali looks forward to the Pujas. The timeless appeal […]

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How Important for Your Home to be Close to a Reliable Hospital?


In the early hours of a chilly December morning, Suchitra’s father was hit by something big. That ‘something’ nearly killed him. Subir Chatterjee, Suchitra’s father is about 67 years old. After an uneventful working life in the Income Tax Department, he has been enjoying the quiet life of a retiree. Staying in a gated community […]

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What Freedom can Mean to a Homebuyer in 2021?


We are living in times of acute uncertainty, massive disruption, and serious insecurity. The raging pandemic has exposed the fault lines of our mundane urban existence, and we are finding it overwhelming to cope with it. We have experienced insecurities regarding our health, jobs, relationships and often feel that we have got entrapped into an […]

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Model Tenancy Act is Approved by the Union Cabinet


The Union Cabinet, on June 2, 2021, approved the Model Tenancy Act, in a move that is likely to revive India’s rental housing market by initiating a multitude of reforms. The government issued a statement that said, “The Model Tenancy Act aims at creating a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive rental housing market in the country. […]

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Why Should You Choose to Live in a Housing Complex During the Covid Pandemic?

Are there really a lot of advantages of living in a housing complex these days? Is there better safety? Does the community and the infrastructure help to live a more fulfilling life? Sambit Roy lives in a gated community with his beautiful wife Sreetama and their 7-year-old daughter Rini. They really think that living in […]

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