What Steps are Being Taken to Ensure Kolkata is Safe for its Citizens

kolkata is safe for its citizens

Among different Indian cities, the crime rate in Kolkata, as reflected in an ‘India Today Best Cities’ study, is fairly low compared to other Indian metro cities. Despite some recently reported incidents, Kolkata, as revealed in the report, is clearly one of the safest cities in the entire country with the largest deployment of police […]

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Why Buying a Green Home is a Great Choice Now

lovong in a green home

Green homes and buildings are now a global phenomenon, as developers, governments, and home buyers increasingly shift their focus towards green, environment-friendly homes. The new phenomenon of green living, which is currently redefining constructions across the globe, is also influencing the way homes are built in India. With that, there has been a noticeable increase […]

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New Market at Kolkata — The Shopping Mall that Stood the Test of Times

new market at kolkata

Today’s youngsters might be more attracted to the shiny, glitzy malls that are coming up everywhere, but the New Market at Kolkata, located right at the heart of the city, continues to draw shoppers, the bargain hunters, history-hungry tourists, and nostalgia-struck Calcuttans. And why not? In a city like Kolkata, where marketplaces serve as a […]

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