The Past, Present & Future of the Art Galleries in Kolkata

art galleries in Kolkata

Religions and cultures harmoniously blend in Bengal’s Naya village, where the mud walls of every hut is a vivid canvas with diverse psychedelic paintings on them. On some walls you will find mythological tales painted in flashy colours, while on some other walls you will come across illustrations of luminescent yellow tigers, their tongues coloured […]

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The Clock’s Ticking on Hyderabad’s Water Crisis: How to Avert it?

hyderabad water crisis

40-year-old banker, Mohan Amte has lived in Hyderabad all his life but doesn’t remember any fear of a water crisis in the city even a decade back. “Back then, there was ample bore-well and piped water to meet the needs of our family and other households in our neighbourhood”, recalls the resident of Srinivasa Colony. “But […]

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Manufacturing Industry in Hyderabad: Taking a Giant Leap towards Growth

manufacturing industry in Hyderabad is growing fast

The manufacturing industry in Hyderabad is making ripples in the industrial scene of the country and is fast rising into prominence with various industrial adages to its cap. According to Invest India, the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency, Telangana ranks second in the country for ease of doing business three years in a row. […]

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