How Durga Puja Transforms Residential Complexes in Kolkata to Extended Families

durga puja 2022

It was the day of Shasti. Every Puja pandal, every locality, and every home was alight with bright lights and great expectations. But Soma felt as if she plunged into despair. There is no puja at her home, nor at the residential complex where she started to live just before the Pujas with her family. […]

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Durga Puja — a Variety of Food and Travel Rules the Bengali Hearts

durga puja food platter

”We will eat out every day during the Pujas,” declared 11-year-old Ritoja, daughter of Subir and Alpana Chatterjee, on the last day of school before it closed for Durga Puja. ”Yes, we will, my dear,” said her mother, ”And we will leave for Lucknow for our holiday on Dashami.” ”Don’t forget the community lunch in […]

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How will the Future of Work Change Home Choices You Never Thought Possible?

home choices

”I want a working home,” declared an emphatic Niharika. It was early evening in our Kolkata office. Niharika Kaur came in to inquire about a few properties she is interested in. The sales executive, Rajiv, sitting across the table, fairly understood what she wanted but asked a few more questions. As is the culture in […]

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Why You Cannot Miss Ilish, Greenery, and More in Monsoon Season Kolkata

monsoon at kolkata

Moonmoon’s mother called her up last Friday. She invited her son-in-law Raj and Moonmoon on Sunday for a special treat. Moonmoon was somewhat surprised but in spite of her ardent questions, her mother didn’t divulge any more detail. Raj was intrigued too when Moonmoon told him about the invitation. After all, they visited Moonmoon’s parents […]

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How a Lonely Woman can Take Care of Her Safety in a Big City

safety of women

“Look on your right, and look on your left. Watch your back. Always watch all around you when you cross a lonely stretch of road, especially in the evening darkness. Never walk while talking on mobile, without being fully alert. Always remember, no place is safe for women, even big cities.” Whenever Sumana calls her […]

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