The Essence of the Durga Puja Spirit Across Generations

durga puja spirit

Mahalaya has just past and the countdown for Bengali’s biggest celebration of the year, Durga Puja, has already started. Only it’s much more than just a celebration; it’s a gamut of intense emotions that transcends age, border, and boundaries. Remember the Tree of Souls in the movie Avatar that allowed all of the Na’vi to unite […]

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What You Need to Know When Eating Out This Festive Season

eating out street food

Ah, the sound of a Moghlai Parota sizzling in oil. Or, the sight of piping hot telebhaja (deep-fried fritters)! Who can resist these especially during the year’s biggest festivities that are about to come?  After all, eating out is an essential part of our Durga Puja celebrations. Apart from being a source of sustenance, food […]

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Higher Education Institutes in Kolkata are Offering Offbeat Career Courses

career institutes in Kolkata

“If you care for my advice, I’ll tell you engineering is the best career option for you,” Mrs. Dutta said nonchalantly to her daughter, Debasmita who had spent hours debating with her mother about her choice of course after high school. “But you know Maa, there are a dozen engineers loitering unemployed at every para’r […]

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The Clay Models of Krishnanagar: A Tale of Creativity and Craftsmanship

Clay Models of Krishnanagar

21-year-old Sneha is super excited to spend this year’s Jagadhatri Puja at mama-bari in Krishnanagar with her dadu-didun (her grandparents from her mother’s side). Although as a little girl, she was way more eager to play with her grandma’s clay dolls than the thrill of the Puja extravaganza. She’s mesmerised by the life-like miniatures and […]

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