EM Bypass Gariahat Connector — the New Food Street of Kolkata

Ask anyone even remotely acquainted with Kolkata’s food culture — “which is the ‘food street’ of the city?” And it’s almost certain that they’ll say “Park Street”. From the humble “bread and stew” at the local street stall to the succulent sizzlers and continental cuisines at the fine dining restaurants, Park Street has it all. No […]

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Time to Think of Rooftop Solar Panels on Buildings in Kolkata?

rooftop solar panels on buildings in Kolkata

When Kolkata-based banker, Nilesh Gupta went to visit his cousin in Bengaluru, it was interesting (as well as inspiring) to see them living a ‘green’ lifestyle. Their home was powered by solar panels, which produced enough energy to meet his small family’s needs. What he really wondered was, can this be feasible in the real […]

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How to Get the Best of Community Living in a Complex

Community Living in a Complex

Retired and elderly NRIs Ashok and Mira Bose had a compelling desire to return to where they belong, Kolkata. Somewhat isolated and lonely, with children settled in other parts of the world, the couple wanted a retirement retreat back home with personalised amenities, basic security, and a lively community life. Being accustomed to a completely […]

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