Improved Higher Education Infrastructure in Kolkata: A Hope or Reality?

Higher Education Infrastructure in Kolkata in Medical Science

Education in Kolkata has an illustrious tradition that is inherent in the city’s history ever since the advent of British imperialism in India. Academic luminaries, poets, painters, educationalists, filmmakers, and writers from this eastern metropolis have historically glorified the name of Kolkata nationally, and at international platforms. Kolkata has been a seat of modern education, […]

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Is Kolkata’s Healthcare Infrastructure Sufficiently Responsive to the City’s Need?

Kolkata's healthcare infrastructure

Unpredictable costs, lack of infrastructure, inefficiency, and gross mismanagement — these are some ways to describe the current healthcare system in Kolkata. And not just that, the city seems to be at the top of some of the most recent medical controversies. Cases of medical negligence and expired medicine scam and fake doctors’ racket have […]

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What Are Some Selected Areas for Low Budget Properties in Kolkata for Investment?

low budget properties in Kolkata

After gold, if there’s any other form of investment that guarantees returns, it is real estate. Despite economic reforms, global crisis and meltdowns, the search for a perfect home by realty end users seem to be quite palpable in various parts of India including Kolkata. Keeping this trend in view, Kolkata real estate developers are […]

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