Poila Baishakh in Kolkata — A Day of Good Food, Fun, and Socialising

poila baishakh in kolkata

These days, Dr. Rajat Chatterjee is often getting late in going to the hospital. His two daughters are vigorously practising for the upcoming cultural programme in the housing complex on Poila Baishakh. With their mother joining them, his breakfast is often late. Nevertheless, he enjoys the new cultural environment in his house as his daughters […]

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What are the Locational Factors that Impact Property Prices

property prices

Property prices in any city depend on a plethora of factors. It’s the various parameters of a location that determines property prices to a great extent. Any community grows on the back of a neighbourhood where any property is situated. Be it your child’s growth or family’s safety, this community plays a big role in […]

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How You Can Design an Elegant House Garden and Impress Your Guests

small house garden

The desire to be with nature is innate in everyone, especially those who live in cities. Nothing can bring us peace and rejuvenation as much as being with nature. Although most urban houses recognize this and offer open spaces, generally landscaped with greenery, still we can create a well-designed house garden. A house garden with […]

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Hyderabad Property Market is Upbeat, Buyers Seeking Bigger Homes

Hyderabad property market is on overdrive these days as buyers are seeking high-value, bigger homes in the locations of choice. As we go through our report of July-December 2020, we are pleasantly surprised to unearth certain findings. Among other inferences, it is quite interesting to watch robust demand for homes in so-called posh localities. In […]

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Homebuyers Hunting for Value, Kolkata Property Market is Upbeat

kolkata property market report

Kolkata property market is upbeat as it convincingly came out of the slowdown in the last 6 months. Homebuyers have returned aggressively with a huge demand for value. The interest to book new homes, taking advantage of an extremely conducive environment to do so, has seen a huge uptick. Property sale figures currently are even […]

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Why Property Mutation is Important after a Property is Transferred?

property mutation

Once an immovable property is transferred, whether by sale, gift, or inheritance, it is vitally important to record the change of title and ownership with the land department of the State because the mutation is prima facie proof of possession. In the case of apartments, the mutation is important to fix property tax liability and […]

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