Reasons Why Golconda Fort is a Must-Visit When You’re In Hyderabad

Golconda Fort

Whether you’re browsing a travel site or flipping through the pages of a travel magazine, any itinerary for Hyderabad will inevitably come with suggestions to visit Golconda Fort. But why? Spanning centuries, hosting several dynasties, rich in history and steeped in mystery, the Golconda Fort is every traveller’s delight. Every facet of the Golconda Fort […]

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10 Major Technological Revolutions in the Construction Industry

Technological Revolutions in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has ushered in a new age of technology. The first industrial revolution used water and steam to mechanise production, the second brought in electricity to power the industry, the third introduced electronics, and information technology and now, riding on the wave of it is the fourth industrial revolution which is digital technology […]

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Is Air Pollution in Kolkata on the Same Path as Delhi?

air pollution in Kolkata

While all eyes are trained at Delhi’s terrible air quality which is bringing down the average life expectancy of its residents by almost 10 years, air pollution in Kolkata is steadily giving stiff competition to the capital. The Air Quality Life Index or AQLI study developed by the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute calculated […]

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Why is Hyderabad India’s Most Livable Metro City?

most livable city hyderabad

When a Delhi-based couple, Vishal and Prerna first went to Hyderabad for a relative’s wedding, the spectacular city had worked its charm on them. They were enamoured by its old-world appeal while thoroughly enjoying its modern and upbeat vibe. Six months later, Vishal was thinking about a job change, and when a few good offers […]

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Fire Safety Measures in a High-Rise Building You Should Watch Out For

important building fire safety measures

When Rashmi Mitra, a Kolkata-based fashion designer, decided to buy a new apartment for her parents, instead of simple flats, residential complexes were her preference. The wonderful amenities, high-end infrastructure, and the safety of living within a gated community — she wanted all of these. Yet, she was fazed by the possibility of fire hazards […]

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