Factors to Remember While Deciding Your Home Loan Tenure

home loan tenure

Selecting the bank, interest rate, and the loan repayment period are critical aspects while considering a home loan. The tenure is a vital part because the absolute cost of ownership depends on it. In plain words, the home loan tenure determines the total sum you have to shell out for owning the property. Principal plus interest […]

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How Has Kolkata Nightlife Evolved Over the Years?

kolkata nightlife, costly drinks

Year, 1956. Place, Park Street Kolkata. Frenzied fans jostle to get an entry into a smoke-filled pub, as ‘the diva of Park Street’ Pam Crain takes the centre stage with Anton Menezes’ six-piece band in what can be called “independent India’s first nightclub” — Mocambo. Band? Diva? Nightlife? Nightclub? In the 1950s, these were all […]

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