Co-borrower, Co-owner, Co-signer, and Co-applicant of a Joint Home Loan — the Differences

joint home loan

35 year old, Sumit Vyas was a bit stumped when his brother asked his help to secure a joint home loan. After explaining the situation, his brother said, “You can act as a co-signer or co-applicant. It’s up to you.” He didn’t want to refuse, but the amount was big and the financial commitment would […]

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How a Rs 25,000-Crore Boost can Help the Real Estate Industry

How a Rs 25,000-Crore Boost Help the Real Estate Industry

It was a beautiful Wednesday on a fine November morning for Prabhas and Shubhra. Finally, they could be relieved homebuyers rather than anxious about the outcome of their investment in a stalled housing project that had much of their life’s savings tied up. The Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman announced the infusion of Rs 25,000 […]

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How Fitness Amenities in Apartment Complexes Make a Healthy Living

Fitness Amenities

As the mother of a playschool-going, hyperactive toddler, Rachna is constantly short of time. She wanted to include some fitness activity in her day-to-day routine and so, she joined a gym to pack in at least an hour’s exercise. Barely five days into her fitness journey, she realised that travelling to and from the gym […]

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Why Buying a Home Makes Better Financial Sense than Renting One

buying a home is lucrative in india

Ashish Gupta, 35, lives in a rented accommodation in South Kolkata. His parents and relatives are asking him to buy a home, but despite paying high rent, Ashish is uncertain whether to make the big decision. He knows that buying a home involves a huge amount of money. Plus, there are recurring costs, such as property […]

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How Living in a Residential Complex Can Improve Mental Wellbeing

residential complex

When Shefali Sahay, a graphic designer and consultant, moved into her 2 BHK apartment in a residential complex from her small independent flat, little did she know that the whole experience would change her for the better. “After the horror of sharing a flat with 10 girls during my college years, it had kind of […]

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How Owning a Home Gives Superior Dividends and Social Respect than Renting

owning a home

Abhinav and Shilpa, a working couple in Hyderabad, never felt the desire to buy a house until they had to leave their rented apartment last month — their third address in the last three years. Just a few months ago, they had moved into this apartment after a lot of stressful home hunting. They loved […]

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