Hyderabad Hospitality Industry is Growing at a Fast Pace

Hyderabad Hospitality Industry-2

NRI hotelier, Vipin Chadha believes that sustainable business ventures are not based on destiny. Rather, they call for a calculated approach. Especially so, when it comes to dealing with high-volume investments. For this reason, Mr. Chadha, an owner of a hospitality chain operating in major destinations across the United States, was in a quandary about […]

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Puja Shopping: The Amazing Shopping Extravaganza of Kolkata

puja shopping in Kolkata is awesome

Ankit, a happy-go-lucky college-goer, is one of those people who doesn’t shop till they really have to. Durga Puja acts as his annual shopping reminder because he knows how disappointed his girlfriend Ananya usually gets when he shows up on Puja dates wearing old clothes. So, with Durga Puja barely a month away, it’s Ankit’s […]

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