Rash Behari Avenue: The Quintessential Bengali’s Shopping Street and More

rash behari avenue deshapriya park crossing

On a lazy afternoon, Sudeepa, a non-resident Bengali, having made London her home for a decade now, is anxiously waiting for the phone to ring. Rini had promised to come by for a shopping trip to Gariahat. Shopping is an excuse, (perhaps not), Sudeepa is just impatient to walk down the Rash Behari Avenue sidewalks, […]

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Embrace the High Life with Your Green Address in Chinar Park

Tania Banerjee, a 34-year-old IT employee, was growing tired of commuting from her suburban apartment to her workplace in New Town every day. Waking up at wee hours, battling through the office-going crowd at the station, considering herself lucky if she found a seat at the jam-packed train, and coming home much later than most […]

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How You can Live Your Best Life in New Town, Kolkata

new town, kolkata

In 2017, when 32-year-old Smita Sinha moved to Kolkata from her hometown Ranchi to join a reputed MNC, she thought she was moving into a crowded and noisy city that she’d find difficult to adjust to. Yet, it was an opportunity that she couldn’t afford to pass up. Smita, however, was pleasantly surprised to discover […]

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