Kolkata’s Passion for Classic Vintage Cars: Yesteryears & Today

vintage cars

“A chance visit to the Netaji Research Bureau on Elgin Road, was the beginning of my love for vintage cars”, says automobile blogger Raktim. History comes naturally to someone who inhabits a century-old English-manor fashioned house, right on one of the busy thoroughfares in North Kolkata. “That a car can have so much history hidden […]

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Why You Must Take Advantage of Low Home Loan EMI Now

Low Home Loan EMI

Raghav was tidying up his place before his parents arrived for a visit. Although Raghav was brilliantly placed in his career and stayed in a well-furnished 2BHK, his parents would still frown at his living arrangements. The reason? Raghav does not own the house and is already nearing 30, the ideal marriageable age for career-oriented […]

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Real Estate at the Crossroads: What are the Expectations in 2020?

real estate in 2020

Over the past decade, India’s real estate sector is undergoing radical transformations in terms of policy reforms, technological advancements, buyer-centric structural changes, and market consolidation — which have all been instrumental in reshaping the sector, increasing transparency and customer confidence. Additionally, the government’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana — the world’s largest housing program — aiming to […]

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Rash Behari Avenue: The Quintessential Bengali’s Shopping Street and More

rash behari avenue deshapriya park crossing

On a lazy afternoon, Sudeepa, a non-resident Bengali, having made London her home for a decade now, is anxiously waiting for the phone to ring. Rini had promised to come by for a shopping trip to Gariahat. Shopping is an excuse, (perhaps not), Sudeepa is just impatient to walk down the Rash Behari Avenue sidewalks, […]

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