Why Real Estate Investment will be in Greater Favour Going Forward

real estate investment

Real estate investment was never highly preferred by investment advisor Sumit Agarwal but the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. Relatively safe investment options like a bond, FD has a very poor return on investment in a situation where the interest rate has nosedived. Most of his clients find it very difficult to accept the gut-wrenching volatility […]

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Missing the Office and Social Life? Take Care of Your Mental Health

mental health

“Hitting lives and livelihoods, the pandemic is causing fear, anxiety, depression, and stress among people. Social distancing, isolation, and coping with perpetually evolving and changing information about the virus has both triggered and aggravated existing and pre-existing mental health conditions that need urgent attention,” Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO South-East Asia Region, said. […]

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Online Education is Fast Changing Education with Far-Reaching Impact

online education

Once upon a time, education meant interactive learning in a classroom. Although the required technology for online education has been available for quite some time now, yet the adoption isn’t very high. So when Soham, a student of class 9 in a Kolkata school learned that his school would adopt online education because the school […]

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How to Make Your Home Free of Mosquitoes and Dengue this Monsoon


Monsoon is arguably one of the most beautiful and beneficial seasons in India. However, dengue-related cases generally go up during the monsoon, especially in some areas of Kolkata. With the onset of the monsoon season, it is also time to prepare your home against the menace of dengue. With mosquito-borne diseases on the rise, it […]

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How First-time Homebuyers be Ready to Tide over any Financial Crisis

financial crisis

Anjan Sengupta and his wife currently live in a rented apartment with their 6-year-old daughter. The area is growing with quite a few upcoming residential complexes and Anjan’s wife is particularly keen to buy a flat nearby as her parental home is quite close. Their daughter’s school is also conveniently in the same locality. Anjan […]

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