How You can Live Your Best Life in New Town, Kolkata

new town, kolkata

In 2017, when 32-year-old Smita Sinha moved to Kolkata from her hometown Ranchi to join a reputed MNC, she thought she was moving into a crowded and noisy city that she’d find difficult to adjust to. Yet, it was an opportunity that she couldn’t afford to pass up. Smita, however, was pleasantly surprised to discover […]

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How Hyderabad Music Scene is Booming for the Better

hyderabad music scene

When we think of Hyderabad, the first image that pops into mind is its rich history and culture, and the IT boom aided modernity. That’s quite an interesting mix, almost opposites yet beautifully complementing. This is the case with the Hyderabad music scene too. Traditional, regional, and Bollywood are no longer the staple affair. The City […]

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