Circle Rate, Market-Rate, and Tax Implications — All You Need to Know

circle rate

Real estate is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy. Also, the real estate industry supports many other industries and is a major job-creator. In the interest of the economy, the good performance of this industry is vital. Governments, both at the central and state level, are trying hard to boost demand […]

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Investment During Dhanteras — Options You Can Consider


Dhantrayodashi, popularly known as Dhanteras ushers in the Diwali celebration in India. Apart from the offerings of puja on this day, this day is traditionally considered auspicious for investment. The focus is, of course, investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. However, nowadays, investing in other assets is also gaining popularity. These days, […]

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Movies, Eating out, Travel — How Bengalis are Coping with the Altered Reality

bengalis watch movies

Rana Sengupta and his small family, comprising his wife Sudeshna and their small daughter Turni are somewhat strained these days. The fear of Coronavirus has forced them to get cooped up in their flat at New Town, Kolkata. The absence of school and the interaction with friends is affecting Turni as days go by. Even […]

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Is the Worst Over for the Indian Economy? It Certainly Looks Like It

Indian economy rebounds

The Indian economy has been proven on many occasions to be extremely resilient to the vagaries of weather, war, myriad international factors, and now, even the global Covid-19 pandemic. In spite of massive initial disruptions as the pandemic started, India’s economy is back on its track. The signs are so strong that it is now […]

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Santragachhi, Howrah — Close to Kolkata, Upcoming Real Estate Hotspot

vidyasagar setu to santragachhi

There is an old saying that the western bank of the Ganges is as holy as Varanasi — ‘Gangar Poschim Kul, Varanasi Samatul’. In fact, Howrah is a much older city than Kolkata and in the recent past, has again come to focus. Howrah, especially the north-western area of Howrah, has seen increased development activities […]

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