Hyderabad Property Market is Ruled by the Power of 3

hyderabad property market study

Our study of the Hyderabad property market during the January-June period of the current year has shown up interesting insights. In spite of the lockdown and Covid-19 related complications, there is enough interest in property investment. The demand data of the Hyderabad property market has revealed that it is ruled by the power of 3 […]

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Affordable Homes, South Kolkata Rule Kolkata Property Market (Jan-Jun 2020)

Kolkata property market took a knock as lockdown started in Kolkata. The fear of uncertainty gripped all economic activities. The economic commentators’ consensus view was that property purchases will see a massive reduction in demand, as conserving cash would be the mantra for everyone. But as it happens more often than not, the consensus view […]

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How Should You Prioritise the Amenities in the Post-Covid New Normal

gym amenities

In the post-Covid world, our priorities are set to change in many ways. Subir and Anamika Chatterjee, a middle-aged couple realized it when they started searching for a new flat in Kolkata. Their only daughter is pursuing higher studies in Chennai. Now in her last semester, she has already bagged a couple of job offers […]

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Why Real Estate Investment will be in Greater Favour Going Forward

real estate investment

Real estate investment was never highly preferred by investment advisor Sumit Agarwal but the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. Relatively safe investment options like a bond, FD has a very poor return on investment in a situation where the interest rate has nosedived. Most of his clients find it very difficult to accept the gut-wrenching volatility […]

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