Park Street: Kolkata’s Spirit, its Beating Heart, and its Old-world Soul

park street kolkata

Some call it “the city that never sleeps,” while many attach to it the prestigious tag of “Kolkata’s food street”. Yet, others think the name “Times Square of Kolkata” suits it the best. Park Street has several monikers, and each of them highlight everything that the City of Joy holds dearest: Food, culture, music, and […]

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RHCF — a Beacon of Hope in Rural Healthcare in India

rural healthcare

Rural healthcare in India is more than riddled with problems. Rampant infant deaths, rats gnawing at a newborn, lack of ambulance forcing people to carry a patient on foot for miles, and a woman giving birth on road — are just some of the horrific cases that highlight India’s rural healthcare scenario. Survey after survey points out poor […]

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Co-borrower, Co-owner, Co-signer, and Co-applicant of a Joint Home Loan — the Differences

joint home loan

35 year old, Sumit Vyas was a bit stumped when his brother asked his help to secure a joint home loan. After explaining the situation, his brother said, “You can act as a co-signer or co-applicant. It’s up to you.” He didn’t want to refuse, but the amount was big and the financial commitment would […]

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How a Rs 25,000-Crore Boost can Help the Real Estate Industry

How a Rs 25,000-Crore Boost Help the Real Estate Industry

It was a beautiful Wednesday on a fine November morning for Prabhas and Shubhra. Finally, they could be relieved homebuyers rather than anxious about the outcome of their investment in a stalled housing project that had much of their life’s savings tied up. The Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman announced the infusion of Rs 25,000 […]

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How Fitness Amenities in Apartment Complexes Make a Healthy Living

Fitness Amenities

As the mother of a playschool-going, hyperactive toddler, Rachna is constantly short of time. She wanted to include some fitness activity in her day-to-day routine and so, she joined a gym to pack in at least an hour’s exercise. Barely five days into her fitness journey, she realised that travelling to and from the gym […]

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