Homebuyers Hunting for Value, Kolkata Property Market is Upbeat

kolkata property market report

Kolkata property market is upbeat as it convincingly came out of the slowdown in the last 6 months. Homebuyers have returned aggressively with a huge demand for value. The interest to book new homes, taking advantage of an extremely conducive environment to do so, has seen a huge uptick. Property sale figures currently are even […]

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Why Property Mutation is Important after a Property is Transferred?

property mutation

Once an immovable property is transferred, whether by sale, gift, or inheritance, it is vitally important to record the change of title and ownership with the land department of the State because the mutation is prima facie proof of possession. In the case of apartments, the mutation is important to fix property tax liability and […]

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Budget 2021 — Incentives for the Affordable Housing Sector

Budget 2021

Union Budget 2021-22 was an unprecedented one, considering the unusual time when it was presented. While many other nations are still fighting the economic aftermath of the pandemic and the second wave of infections, India obviously has overcome our worst fears. The economy is up and running now and pleasant indicators are coming up regularly. […]

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What You Can Expect from the Property Market in 2021

property market in 2021

Indian realty sector has witnessed tumultuous events in recent years. However, the sector showed huge resilience by adjusting to the policy changes such as demonetization, GST introduction, RERA/HIRA compliance and came out stronger. We foresee an improved working of the realty sector in the future which will tremendously help the homebuyers. In fact, we expect […]

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How Home Owners Should Readjust to the New Normal in 2021


Riju and Madhurima Dasgupta started living in a gated community in New Town, Kolkata with their 5-year-old daughter for the last 3 months. Riju is a mid-level manager in a renowned 5-star hotel in Kolkata while Madhurima is a History teacher in a reputed school in Kolkata. Riju’s hotel was hit hard by poor room […]

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