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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Upholstery to Enhance Your Home Décor

25 year-old Rini has been living on her own for one whole month now. She has gotten the hang of living alone and has even invested in decorating her new apartment. The only thing that still bothers her to the core is choosing the right upholstery. She has no idea how to go about it — what she should and shouldn’t do while choosing the perfect upholstery for her apartment.

Like Rini, you too might have struggled with the choice of upholstery for your home. The main problem that comes to the fore during the decision-making process is the availability of a large variety of stuff. But there’s no need to worry. All you need is some tips and a discerning eye to select the right upholstery for your apartment. These 8 tips given below will help you with your choice:

1. Make sure the fabric is durable

The upholstery you choose might have an amazing design, but if it is not durable, then you’ll barely get enough out of it. Cotton might seem like an obvious choice, but it is a weaker fabric when compared to polyester, and will wear out easily. Save the cotton for the pillowcases and covers and choose a stronger fabric for the upholstery itself.

2. Use innovative colour schemes

The colour of your upholstery should match your overall living room décor. Try modern hues on vintage, classical furniture pieces to get an urban and edgy vibe. Also, instead of following a trend, choose a colour that will remain in fashion for the years to come.

3. Select the right pattern

The pattern you choose for your furniture will enhance its geometry. The size of the room also comes into play when you’re choosing a pattern. Bold patterns work best for large rooms whereas mini patterns are more suitable for smaller rooms. The patterns should not be cut off here and there, otherwise, the entire symmetry of the upholstery will be ruined.

4. Pick a trendy style

The style of upholstery you choose can speak volumes about the living space. Silks exude elegance and provide for a more formally luxurious setting. On the other hand, linen works best for urban decor and creates a more upbeat and casual setting. If you’re not confident about experimenting, you can take the easiest way out by matching classic upholstery with traditional pieces of furniture.

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5. Keep up the maintenance

The upholstery may look like a million bucks, but if it’s not easy to maintain, it’s going to cost you a lot of time and energy to keep the cleanliness issue in check. Before purchasing the fabric, ask for a sample piece to check if the material is prone to duress or not. If you suffer from dust allergies, opt for microfiber materials- they do not attract any dust at all. If you live in exceptionally humid conditions, choose a fabric that will not attract mildew.

6. Comfort is key

After all, you will be using the piece of furniture quite often, so it is important to ensure that the upholstery is comfortable. You will not enjoy curling up on the couch with a book or a bunch of movies if it’s not comfortable to sit on. The piece of furniture and the upholstery you use should compliment your lifestyle and the way you use it.

7. Play with texture

Along with colour and pattern, the texture is another important component when it comes to selecting the perfect piece of upholstered furniture. You can keep it monotone with only one type of texture for all your furniture, or mix it up with matte, shiny and nubby fabrics with coarser and harder textiles for different sets of furniture. The mix and array of textures in your living space will ensure that it stands out with ease.

8. Don’t ignore the pillowcases

Although we’re talking about upholstery, the picture isn’t complete without the addition of pillowcases. Interestingly, pillowcases can be quite versatile. They are flexible enough to allow you to experiment without making a huge financial investment, as it is in the case of upholstery. You can sprinkle in a bit of pattern and a splash of colour to your overtly monochromatic upholstery by choosing a fun print for your pillowcases. They can be of any textile since they will not go through the same stress as the upholstery will. You can either choose your pillowcases in accordance with your living room decor or select something in sharp contrast to draw more attention to your couch.

When it comes to choosing the right upholstery, the possibilities are endless. There is a whole new world of colours, patterns, and textiles waiting for you! If you keep these simple tips in mind while making your choice, we guarantee that you will be able to enhance the look of your home with the right upholstery all by yourself.

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10 thoughts on “8 Tips for Choosing the Right Upholstery to Enhance Your Home Décor

  1. I want to remodel my living room and I want to start with new upholstery for the couches. You make a great point that I should choose a trendy pattern and style that matches the theme of the room. Also, it would be nice to choose a different pattern for the pillowcases to add a bit of fun and uniqueness to my couch.

  2. It was helpful when you talked about selecting the right pattern for our upholstery. My husband and I want to hire a service to re-upholster our couch soon. Thanks for helping me feel prepared to choose a good upholstery fabric!

  3. I like how you mentioned something to consider when choosing upholstery is the kind of fabric and design. I didn’t realize that some fabrics may look really great, but may not last as long as I want. My mom has been wanting to reupholster her furniture ever since she and my dad have retired. I will have to let her know about this article and also recommend she look into having a profession upholster her furniture.

  4. I read your blog, it’s an excellent one. It tells us about various benefits of furniture upholstery services. I recommend this blog, if you want to know more about upholstery.

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