Huge Demand for Warehouse Space in and around Kolkata is Surprising Everybody

warehouse space

Massive, irreversible changes took place in almost every area of our behaviour and economic activity in the last few years. The new ways have opened up unprecedented growth opportunities and whoever will grab them will hugely gain. This phenomenon was taking place for quite some time but accelerated post-pandemic. There is a need to recalibrate […]

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Unique Real Estate Investing Ideas that can Make You Insanely Wealthy

real estate investing ideas

Contrary to popular belief, we at NK Realtors do not deal in properties only. Of course, we deal in the hard assets, but our strength and expertise lie in all areas of the real estate sector. And our customers immensely benefit from our expertise. In our 35 years of glorious existence, we have served more […]

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How You Can Invest in Real Estate Even if You have Never Done So

Invest in Real Estate

The prevalent idea in India is that investment in real estate requires a hefty amount of capital. Even seasoned investment advisors often think so. Although it is true in the case of investment in properties, there are far more diversified ways to invest in the real estate sector even with a modest amount. In fact, you […]

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Why You Must Buy a Property in Joka Now for Outsized Gains

Joka Metro -property in Joka

If you can catch a trend early, you can make outsized gains. This is true of almost all investment opportunities. But there is a small difference. A difference that separates investment in real estate from other asset classes. If you keep in mind this difference, you will know why property investment in Joka is an […]

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The Secrets of Getting the Best of Living in a Gated Community in Kolkata

gated community gym

Tanima lives with her small daughter in a gated community in Kolkata. She is a working single mother and suffers from the stress of raising a child and performing in her office job. She absolutely loves the security of her complex as she leaves her daughter in the hands of a babysitter, and cannot ever […]

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How to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter even if It’s a Mess Right Now

prepare your garden dahlia

Winter is truly the season of colours in Kolkata. All parks and gardens become colourful with various seasonal flowers. No wonder, thousands of people visit The Agri Horticultural Society of India at Alipore to enjoy the enchanting beauty of blossoms. Spending time in a garden not only uplifts your spirit but also relaxes your mind […]

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Maniktala — the Best of both North and Central Kolkata

maniktala market clock tower

If you are in North Kolkata and want to buy the best Hilsa fish, Ilish machh, just head towards the towering clock. Maniktala market is one of the best farmers’ markets in Kolkata. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables, and the fish section is a delight to fish-loving Bengalis. In fact, people staying far […]

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