Has the Quality of Living in Kolkata Improved in Last Few Years?

Amazing quality of living in Kolkata

Things have definitely turned from good to better ever since Kolkata topped the chart as the ‘best Indian city to live’ in Janaagraha’s Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems. According to reports published by Janaagraha, quality of living in Kolkata is the best among 21 major Indian cities surveyed by the Bangalore-based non-profit body. Kolkata was followed […]

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Why It is Prudent to Invest in Real Estate in Hyderabad Now

real estate in Hyderabad

Investment in real estate never fails to offer a handsome return in India. However, the returns are divergent across states, localities, and zones as growth potential varies. Financial returns in real estate investment are dependent on infrastructure growth, government policies, urban migration, and a plethora of factors. Hyderabad is currently on a fast growth trajectory […]

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